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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Creative Women Mini-Con 2016 Complete Exhibitor List

Updated 09/23: New exhibitor added. Updated 09/24: New exhibitors added. Updated: 09/30 New exhibitor added.

On Saturday, October 1, 2016, we invite you to join for Creative Women Mini-Con (CWMC2016).

Please note: We will continue to update this post with additional exhibitors as they are invited. And as we get closer to the event, you’ll be able to get more information here. In fact, if there’s something you’d like to know that’s not included in this post, please add a comment and we’ll get you an answer.

Event Date: Saturday, October 1, 2016
Time: 11 am
Location: Empire's Comics Vault (store info and map)

So, on with the show! Here’s who you will meet at #CWMC2016:

2016 Creative Women Mini-Con Exhibitors

Gemma Correll, Cartoonist, Writer, Illustrator (web | books | FB) Gemma authored “A Cat’s Life” (Te Neues, 2012), “A Pug’s Guide to Etiquette” (Dog N Bone, 2013), and “The Worrier’s Guide to Life” (Andrews McMeel, 2015). She self-published the web comic Four Eyes on GoComics.com and on The Nib on Medium and the monthly Skycats single-panel comic for Emirates Airlines Open Skies magazine. 

Kristine Balog, Artist, Writer, Comic Creator — Kristine runs a successful art studio, teaches at the collegiate level, and is developing a new line of comic books. She has spent decades perfecting her artistic talents and pursuing higher education in art and art history. Kristine is an Art Historian, Author, Associate Professor of Art History, and freelance illustrator. Her work ranges from figurative work to still life, from comic books, to scientific illustrations. She created, drew, and wrote the original, graphic historic novel, “Caravaggio’s Darkness,” published in 2014, and is currently working on new issues. Kristine has recently acquired a mainstream publisher for her historical novel "Signed in Blood" and looks forward to the launch of this epic true story of one of history's most acclaimed artists, Caravaggio. Learn more at http://kristinebalog.com/.

Sarah Rene Kraft, Artist, Illustrator — Contained within Sarah’s recent mythology-inspired art are stories that inspire the imagination. Sarah has explored expressive illustration, or “illustration that comes from a very personal and emotional side of the artist,” she explains, leading to art that is laden with symbolism. She is the creator of the comic Blind Follies: The Flower and Death and colorist and letterer for Shane Matthew Murphy's Birdland comic. Visit Sarah's website to learn more. Meet Sarah at CWMC2016.

Julie Okahara, Multimedia Artist — Julie’s recognizable style will capture your attention. We asked Julie which artists have influenced her style: "Raymond Savignac. He was a graphic designer, but I really like his work. It’s super comical and makes me laugh out loud. I like humor, and I try to put those elements to my pieces, hoping to make people smile. Yoshitomo Nara is another of my favorite artists. He made me realize that it’s okay to have recurring characters in my art work.” Julie will be featured in Empire’s Art Gallery this November 2016.

Arlo Disarray, Artist, Poet, Creator of Rejected Toys — Arlo makes a unique style of toys unlike anything you’ll find in any store. She never makes the same toy twice, although there may be similar themes. If you have an idea that you’d like translated into a toy, Arlo will oblige. They’re “one of a kind toys for one of a kind people.” Check out the Rejected Toys Facebook Page to see more of her work.

Bianca Kim, Fabric + Multimedia Artist, FRESHbiscits — Bianca recycles fabric and uses new fabric to create limited-run pieces, including wallets, aprons, and other fabric-based articles. She specializes in creating custom embroidered fabric pinback buttons with short sayings that can be worn on backpacks, purses and jacket collars. Follow Bianca on Instagram
Kelly Van Gaasbeck, Artist, Zine Creator, Owner of Port Fireflirt — Kelly actively pursues her storytelling passion as a zine and mini-book creator. In them she captures life’s moments, both bitter and sweet. She enjoys postcards as a medium for the same purpose. Kelly has a B.A. in multimedia from San Diego State University. She’s lived in Sacramento for the last three years. Her company, Port Fireflirt, is about growing and exploring. Ports are the gateway to both entering the city or exploring the world. She explains, “fireflirt” as "that little glimmer of familiarity and the unknown.” Connect Kelly on Facebook or Instagram.

Miranda Singler, Webcomic Creator — Mundanity inspires Miranda Singler, in fact, so much so that mundane, yet eccentric characters and their hidden stories make their way into her web comic, Sleeping Volcano. Influenced by growing up on a farm in the Midwest and going off to college to discover life beyond the corn fields, Miranda will debut Sleeping Volcano on the same day as Creative Women Mini-Con. Sleeping Volcano is her first webcomic. To learn more about Miranda and her art, please visit one of her websites, Mirmade.net or Sleeping-Volcano.com.

Jen Monson, Multimedia Artist — Give Jen a box of materials and she will create something. "I want to be able to take all I have learned, and work it in a new way, never done before," says Jen. “My ultimate goal is to help others feel a sense of peace and joy. A smile on someone's face is the ultimate final touch,” says Jen. See Jen’s art on display now in Empire’s Comics Art Gallery (inside the shop) now through September 30, 2016. Connect with Jen on Instagram.

Madelyne Joan Templeton, Artist, Fine Art and Commercial Illustrator — Madeline’s art captures the mystery and femininity of women in gorgeously soft detail. She’s a college senior at Sacramento State University working on her BA degree in Art. Madeline is working on expanding her art into both fine ad commercial art. Connect with Madelyne on Instagram.

Tabitha Jensen, Artist, Watercolors, Amigurumi — Tabitha explores the magical unknown in everything she creates. "I begin with a theme or simple object with the goal of capturing a moment that will tell a story," explains Tabitha. Her pieces often feature the shared adventures of female or childlike figures and creature companions. Find Tabitha on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or her website. (Added 09/23)

Molly Berry, Artist — Much like Thomas Edison, self-taught artist Molly Berry's creations come from experimentation, trial and error, and a lot of failure. Yet, therein lies the magic of her gorgeous art. Molly loves rain and wishes it would return to Northern California. Her influences include "folklore, the redwood coast, spooky things, critters and beasties, yokai, the Brothers Grimm, the Quay Brothers, Hayao Miyazaki, Van Gogh, Maurice Sendak, Kay Nielsen," and others. Connect with Molly's @lolalilu_art on Instagram.

Lauren Bennett, Freelance Illustrator, SacAnime Artist Alley Director — Lauren exhibited at her first Creative Women Mini-Con in 2015 and we're glad to welcome her back. As a freelance illustrator and SacAnime's Artist Alley Director, Lauren's talents extend to many arenas. As the Artist Alley Director, she serves as a liaison for independent artists. She has worked on numerous indie comic book projects and private illustrations. Currently, Lauren is exploring new business methodologies to be become a full-time artist. Connect with Lauren on her website or via social media as @TemporaryGlitch on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Yaz Tabba, Multimedia Artist — Yaz enjoys exploring and creating in a variety of mediums, including acrylics, collage, watercolors and sunprints, twine, and driftwood. "Bright and Bold" easily describes her signature style. As an active participant of the Art Abandonment movement, Yaz has abandoned her works for others to find all across California. There's a good chance you've seen her work on the side of a Sacramento News & Review news rack. Yaz exhibits in various Sacramento caf├ęs, shops, and offices. Yaz owns the title, "Mad Art Scientist." Don't miss out on meeting her. Before that, you can connect with her online on Facebook, @YazsGallery on Instagram, or on her website.

Ann Olson, Independent Illustrator, Sequential Artist — SquareEnix's G Fantasy magazine featured one of the manga projects for which Ann provided assistance while she was living and studying in Japan. She's currently working on her first webcomic and has written several short stories (you'll find them on her DeviantArt page). Ann works primarily in traditional media, with dip pens, markers, and colored inks. If all goes well, Ann will have more to share at CWMC2016 in relation to a large project that's in the works. Connect with Ann online at @AnkoTweets on Twitter@AnkoArt on Instagram, on Facebook, Tumblr, or DeviantArt.

Helen Lam, Artist — Helen recently graduated from the fine arts department of Sacramento State University with a focus in painting and drawing. She works in various mediums but has an emphasis in digital painting and drawing. Helen is working toward a goal of one day being a freelance painter/illustrator. Connect with Helen at @prinnybat on Instagram or on her DeviantArt site.

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