Monday, August 31, 2015

Nooligan's Big Barda an Empire's Comics Vault exclusive

One of the things I love most about the Sacramento comic scene is the huge amount of creative talent right here at our fingertips. You have writers, artists, sculptors, painters, crafters and so much more.

One creator that has made his mark both locally, and now nationwide, is Sacramento native Hainanu Saulque (, but maybe you know him as Nooligan.

His classic design and stylistic use of space makes his work unmistakable and perfect for display on any wall. All of his pieces are limited edition so that means you can’t wait till the next con to get the piece you want since it may not be there.

Down here at Empire's Comics Vault, we have a very special piece done just for the shop. You won’t find this Big Barda print anywhere else and it is limited to only 50 prints. Make sure you get yours before they go. ^Ben

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Announcing 2015's Creative Women Mini-Con guests

Our third annual Creative Women Mini-Con is Saturday, October 3, 2015. The official hashtag for this year's event is #CWMC2015 (see the results on Twitter or Instagram).

The 2013 and 2014 events had some amazing guests, and this year will be no different. Please note, that, while this year's event is full, we are still accepting applications in the unlikely event that a spot opens up.

Welcome the 2015 Creative Women Mini-Con guests

Watch our blog for individual profiles on each creative woman along with video interviews. And now... the list!

Barbara Kesel
Barbara Randal Kesel: Barbara has done work for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Crossgen, Image Comics and Dark Horse Comics. She is well known for her writing of Crossgen heroine Sephie in Meridian. She has also written Ultragirl, Legends of the Dark Crystal, Ghost Whisperer, and Hawk and Dove, among others. We're excited to have this comic writing legend join us for Creative Women Mini-Con. Talk to Barbara on Twitter at @barbarakesel.

Just added: Mairghread Scott!

Mairghread Scott
Mairghread Scott: Last year you met Transformers: Windblade artist Sarah Stone. Now the other half of the Transformers: Windblade creative team joins us for this year's Creative Women Mini-Con. Mairghread is an animation and comic book writer who is launching Toil and Trouble, her first creator-owned series, at Boom Studios' imprint, Archaia, in September. Catch up with Mairghread on Twitter at @MairghreadScott.

Angelina Brewer: If it's pinup, rockabilly, or geek, Angelina digs it. From framed art to wearable art, you'll want to check out this first time exhibitor at Creative Women Mini-Con. You'll be amazed by her perler bead art. Check it out on Facebook.

Madelyn Templeton
Madelyne Templeton: Madelyne joins us for the first time this year and brings a gorgeous array of art to the event. She has been covered in more than 15 different publishing magazines around the world. Check out her work on Instagram: @madelynjt

Amanda Johnson and J. Alana Christensen, A Different Studio: Amanda and Alana bring cool art into your everyday life. Themes include eastern and western forms of comics and illustration. Check them out on Facebook.

Kimberly Greve: Kimberly is currently working on the art for her first graphic novel, "Bride of the Wolf God," written by her husband. Connect with Kimberly on Twitter before you meet her at the mini-con: @ellazara.

Erminia Saucedo
Erminia Saucedo: Generation 1 of Transformers started in 1984. A year later, during the Search for Alpha Trion, Elita-1’s all female squad was introduced. They appeared in only one episode. Erminia, aka, "Minnie," and a task force of thirty people from around the globe are bringing them back. Learn more about this project on its Tumblr page, Transformers Elite. We're proud to welcome Minnie as the representative of this project.

Etta Jean: We're proud to welcome Etta back to another Creative Women Mini-Con. Etta is a fantasy writer and author of  The Chronicle Series and The Shaughnessy File. Talk with Etta on Twitter at @EttaJeanFantasy.

Julie Okahara: Julie has displayed in Empire's Art Gallery and exhibited at our annual Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con. We're pleased to introduce you to the imaginative and thought-provoking paintings of Julie Okahara. Visit for a glimpse of her work.

Rachel Unzueta
Rachel  Unzueta: We're especially pleased to have Rachel join us at the Creative Women Mini-Con for the first time. Prior to this she has kept her art private except for the occasional online fan art posting. We're certain you'll love her art as much as we do. Check it out.

Sarah Rene Straub: Sarah and her art return to Creative Women Mini-Con. Catch up with Sarah to find out about her recent and new projects, and make her art your own. You'll find her at @SketchyKraft on Twitter.

Lauren Bennett: Lauren joins us for the first time this year. She's a "mostly" self-taught artist who loves character design, illustration, and sequential art. Take a peek at her art on Tumblr before you meet her at the mini-con.

Kristine Wendt: Kristine's art has been featured in Empire's Art Gallery and her comic has graced Empire's Comics Vault's local shelf. Tweet Kristine at @KristineArt and follow her adventures on Instagram at @KristineArt.

Crystaline Owen
Crystaline  Owen: Crystaline is a "California grown painter with big hair and big dreams." Need we say more? All that's needed is action: gaze upon her gorgeous art.

Jen Monson: Multi-talented artist Jen Monson returns to Creative Women Mini-Con. From paintings to sculptures to wearables, Jen's art pleases fans. Explore @jenuoneart on Instagram to find your favorite piece.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Comedy night at Empire's Comics Vault

You know us: always trying something new. I mean, what else were we supposed to do with Empire's Comics Lounge?


No admission fee, however, please bring some small bills so you can toss them in the tip jar.

Date: Friday, July 31, 2015
Time: 8:00 pm

Follow these funny people on Twitter and chat them up:
Kim Martel @TheKimMartel
Joe-Joe Louis @BuckyGums
Jon Gomora @JonGamora
Luke Soin @EpicTikiComedy
Emma Haney @EmmaMHaney

Sacramento Model Demetra Wendy Manning at Empire's Comics Artist Meetup

We're excited to announce that our next live model for Empire's Comics Artist Meet-up is Demetra Wendy Manning.

About Demetra Wendy Manning

Demetra enjoys theatre, dress up, glitter, and the preciousness of snails, so it’s probably not surprising that she eventually became a Professional Faerie.

Under the alter ego of ‘Wendy’, she can be found riding her dragon with trunks full of magic tricks, balloons, face paint, and presents for children all over northern California.

Past modeling experience includes sculpture work and posing for painting. She’s a Taurus and a Hufflepuff, and you best believe her cookbooks are written in cover-to-cover.

Event Details

Live Model Date: Tuesday, July 28, 2015
Time: Come as early as 5 pm, starts at 6 pm
Cost: $10
Add to your FB Calendar

Empire's Comics Artist Meet-up welcomes all levels of artists. We meet every Tuesday night. We feature live models on the last Tuesday of each month. Except for the live model session, there is no charge for the meetup.

Check our Facebook Events page for information by date. Join 183 other artists in Empire's Comics Sketch-A-Day Facebook group to share your art and see the art of other locals.

Rolly Button Program returns

Jen redeemed her Rolly Buttons for
back issues for her husband.
We're excited about bringing back the Rolly Button Program (this link takes you to the complete program details, how to earn charts, and prize redemption charts).

In a "halfshell" this is what it's all about:
  1. Do stuff around the store or online and earn Rolly Buttons
  2. Save them up until you have enough for the prize you want
  3. Redeem them for the prize
Some things have changed.

For example, now Rolly Buttons may only be earned once per day. So if you Snap a comic book review, you earn 1 Rolly Button, and then have to wait until the next day to earn more.

Rolly Buttons redeemed for free back issues!
Also, you may only earn up to 3 buttons per week -- EXCEPT for the one exception: you earn 4 Rolly Buttons for writing a pre-approved blog post (we have some submission guidelines). For writing a blog post, you'll receive the buttons the week following when your post hits the blog, and you won't be eligible for any more buttons that week.

Got Rolly Buttons? Spend 'em.
Email ronnie @ to discuss a post you might like to write.

Prize levels are lower. Our top prize level used to be 50. Now it's 39.

There are new prizes. We'll be adding more as we think of them. Suggestions are welcome. What would you like to earn?

Give the program a try. It's really easy. We also thought carefully about what we thought would be cool to have you share...

We've tried to design it so that the things you post are ultra-annoying to your friends on social media. For example, you could post a picture of your favorite painting from Empire's Art Gallery. 

Happy husband of Jen, pictured at the top
A second thing we wanted to accomplish is to promote the love of comics, comic book art, and comic book reading. Thus, the comic book review option or the post sharing your favorite pick of the week. Comics are cool and we think everyone should give them a try -- whether they buy them from us or from some other Sacramento shop.

We hope you enjoy the revamped Rolly Button Program and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Summer reading programs from Sacramento Library,, and Rolly

Summer reading is important. This 2:46 minute video will tell you more about why summer reading is so important for children (and adults!). This year we're supporting three local programs. Even better, we're going to share with you a way to maximize your prize earnings!

Three great summer reading programs

We're supporting three summer reading programs:

1. The Sacramento Library's summer reading program, Read to the RhythmSign up today.

3. Rolly's Summer Reading Program (you're reading about it in this post)


Earn lots of summer reading prizes

Here's how to earn lots of prizes by reading this summer.
  • When you participate in the Sac Library's summer reading program, you can earn a prize from the Sac Library.
  • If one of the books you read for the Sac Library's summer reading program is a graphic novel, then you're halfway to earning a prize in Heroic Girl's summer reading program. Here's how. Here are a few graphic novel suggestions for various age groups recommended by
  • When you've read your first five books for the Sac Library's summer reading program, enter that information into the Sac Library's summer reading website.
  • You'll receive a prize notification in your inbox on the Sac Library's summer reading website.
  • Prize notification sample.
  • Print out that prize notification and show it to us. We'll let you select a free comic book! Children get to select from select children's comic books. Adults get to choose from a number of select comic books for older readers (there are some great options!). Note: one free comic book per individual.

Rolly's Summer Reading Program

So, in a nutshell, Rolly's program is for you to join the Sac Library's program, read five books, and bring us the print out (or show us on your smartphone), so that you can receive a free comic book to add to your summer reading stack!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Now accepting exhibitor applications for Creative Women Mini-Con 2015

We get enough requests to exhibit at our two annual mini-cons that we've decided it might be a good idea to implement an applications process. We've set up an online form to facilitate this process.

Apply to exhibit at #CWMC2015

At this time we are only accepting applications for Creative Women Mini-Con 2015. Applications will remain open until we are full. We have room for 12-15 exhibitors, depending on the type of exhibit.

Feel free to have a look at previous Creative Women Mini-Con posts to learn more about past events.

Feel free to apply and to share this post with others you think may be interested.

UPDATE: Applications will be reviewed and invitations sent out by August 30, 2015. No additional communication may happen with applicants prior to that time. The event takes place on October 3, 2015. You can add the Creative Women Mini-Con FB Event to your calendar to make sure you don't miss it.


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