Thursday, November 13, 2014

48 Days to Qualify for 2015 FCBD VIP Status

First of all, if you know what FCBD is, then you're halfway to VIP Status! All it takes is signing up. And that's easier than lifting Thor's hammer. Sign up in the shop or print the form and drop it off on your next visit to the shop.

What Savings Club Members Say
What you may not know, however, is what some of the current Members think of the program. So, here you go:

"Love the monthly benefit, but honestly I'd have a pull list anyways! Having some books set aside on FCBD was truly excellent though, so I could make sure I got some that I was really pumped about."
- Alex D.

"I think it's fantastic! I never have to worry about missing out on the books I read and I'm comforted knowing that if I have to wait a while to pick 'em up, Ben totally has my back and won't put my stuff back on the shelf. Oh, and the coupons, sales, promos, etc.. why, they're the ultimate icing on the cake!"
- Rebecca S.

5 Tips To Maximize Black Friday 2014 at Empire's

Black Friday is November 28, 2014, and we have the sale of the year for you!

TIP #1: Special note for you Comic Book Savings Club members: Early this month we sent you an email with your November Benefits, and it included some really great Black Friday options for you. So, be sure to re-read that email. (If you're not a member and you want to learn more, check out these recent posts about free membership).

Black Friday Comic Book Style

Here's the lowdown on our Black Friday Sale:

  • TIP #2: Friday has the BEST SALE. The sale starts Friday, November 28 and continues through Sunday, November 30. See full sale pricing details below.
  • TIP #3: Come early to beat the rush and get first pick of everything in the shop. On Black Friday, we'll open 2-hours early.
  • TIP #4: Meet them two amazing local artists. On Black Friday, we'll have two special guests -- two talented locals -- Hainanu Saulque, aka, Nooligan, and also Justin Orr, aka, Jusscope.
  • TIP #5: Rest on our couches while you enjoy some snacks. Lastly, Friday morning we'll have complimentary breakfast snacks and drinks for the early birds (while they last).

Black Friday Sale Detail

Friday, November 28
Hours: 9am-8pm

  • 35% OFF Graphic novels
  • 40% OFF Toys, posters, statues and games
  • Back Issues $5 and under ONLY .50c
  • Back Issues $5.01-$10 ONLY $1
  • Back Issues $10.01-$15 ONLY $2
  • Back Issues $15.01+ 75% OFF

Saturday, November 29
Hours: 11am-8pm

  • 25% OFF Graphic novels
  • 30% OFF Toys, posters, statues and games
  • Back Issues $5 and under ONLY $1
  • Back Issues $5.01-$10 ONLY $2
  • Back Issues $10.01-$15 ONLY $3
  • Back Issues $15.01+ 50% OFF

Sunday, November 30
Hours: 12pm-5pm

  • 50% OFF Back Issues
  • 20% OFF Toys, posters, statues and games
  • 15% OFF Graphic novels

2014 Costume Contest Winners

We had 16 fantastic costumers enter this year's contest! From video games to comic books to cartoons, the themes were well covered. But now it's time to announce the winners!

You'll recall there were four opportunities to take home prizes.

  • Costume M: Grand prize: $25 in regular priced back issues and your picture proudly displayed in the shop until next year's winner takes your spot.
  • Costume B: Second prize: $15 in regular priced back issues
  • Costume G: Third prize: $10 in regular priced back issues
  • Costume H: Rolly's Choice prize: $15 in regular priced 
To collect your back issues, please visit Ben in the shop. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

View costume entries and get ready to vote

UPDATE 11/04/2014 10:18 PM PT: Well, well, well. Turns out some of the photos we had were lost in digital transit. But what was lost, now is found! There's a lot of competition. So get your votes ready, and better yet, get your friends ready to vote.

Ok, so here's your contests update:

  • Pumpkin Carving Contest: $65 in prizes was left on the table! We didn't receive any entries. Awwwww.
  • Costume Contest: We received three 13 entries! That means each of them is a winner. The only thing to figure out is who wins how much! So get ready to vote starting tomorrow, Wednesday, November 5 at 9:00 a.m. PT. 
    • The voting choices will be in the righthand column, here >>>

2014 Costume Contest Entries

Monday, November 3, 2014

59 Days To Qualify For FCBD 2015 VIP Status

Face it.

When it comes to Free Comic Book Day, we don't hold back.

Don't believe us? Check out the photo album (shown at bottom of this post) from our May 2014 Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con.

The real scoop is this: There's the everybody line and there's the VIP Line. Which line do you want to be in?

We're already preparing for our largest attendance ever, and that includes preparing for an ultra-smooth VIP experience.

Our FCBD VIPs are our Comic Book Savings Club Members. They get a shorter line, guaranteed books, uber-convenience, and probably some new, yet-to-be-revealed benefits for Free Comic Book Days. BUT...

The program has lots of benefits 

( ^-- you can sign up here) -- not just during Free Comic Book Day, which, as you know, is really Free Comic Book MONTH at Empire's Comics Vault -- with a Mini-Con and all.

And no joke. Sign up is easy:
1. It requires only one current comic book title. 
2. Every time that title comes out, we reserve a copy for you.
3. Pick up at least once a month to stay in good standing.
4. Change the title as often as you want. Add more. Go back down to one.

Yeah. That's it.

GoodDay Sacramento and Ben talk about the Flash

CW's The Flash is burning things up with speed and action and mayhem and otherwise geeky fun. GoodDay Sacramento stopped by to talk to Ben about the Flash. In case you missed it, here it is.

Friday, October 31, 2014

62 Days To Qualify For FCBD 2015 VIP Status

We're already planning for our best Free Comic Book Day yet! 2015 is sure to be more amazing than anything else you've experienced before. One thing you'll want for sure is VIP Status.

This is our first article in a series of articles focusing on the benefits of our Comic Book Savings Club. These articles will run through the rest of the year.

What's FCBD VIP Status?

Well, for Free Comic Book Day, it means you'll get to take advantage of THREE amazing benefits:

1. Before Free Comic Book Day, you'll get to pre-select 10 FCBD titles, and we'll set them aside for you. That means you can walk into the store and take advantage of one of our best sales of the year. Then, at check out, you can ask for your free books, and we'll just hand them to you.

Cosplayers at 2014 Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con

2. On Free Comic Book Day, if there are free titles you want in addition to your 10 pre-selected titles, then instead of waiting in the regular line of 100 or more people, you'll wait in our half-as-long, twice-as-fast VIP line. Oh, yeah, there's a VIP line every Saturday for FCBD Month. 

3. But wait, there's more! You can also bring a friend with you into the VIP line. You benefit from your decision, and your friend benefits too.

WARNING: Not everyone will qualify for FCBD VIP Status.

To qualify, join the Comic Book Savings Club (also known as starting a Saver) by December 31, 2014, and keep your Saver in good status.

How does the Comic Book Savings Club work?

Here's what it means in 3 easy steps:

1. Sign up with at least 1 regular title on your Saver, or pull list. (BONSU: You'll get 10% off anything you purchase at that time).

2. Pick up your book(s) regularly, at least monthly.

3. Keep your list up to date. Add titles, remove titles, any time via email, phone, in person, Facebook, or Twitter.

How do I sign up?

There are two ways:
1. Print out the form and bring it in (or email it to
2. Ask for the form in the shop, fill it out, and hand it in.

Want to know all the 2014 benefits rather than wait for articles about them. Get the details on our Savings Programs page