Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Nooligan's Nightwing DC Collectibles signing

Always something exciting in store for you here in the shop. This week we welcome Sacramento artist Nooligan! And if you want to talk comics, join us to discuss Kate Bishop's Hawkeye. Plus painting, LEGO's, and more.

WED | 6:00 PM | Dec. 12, 2018
December Blues: nooligan x nightwing release signing

Sacramento artist Nooligan joins us for the release of his newest DC Collectibles vinyl figure -- Nightwing. Come in, meet the artist, and get your figure signed. (Add to FB calendar)

THU | 6:30 PM | Dec. 13, 2018
Comics Discussion: Kate Bishop, Hawkeye

Join us to discuss the first volume of Kate Bishop's Hawkeye. Everyone is invited. Free to attend. (Add to FB calendar)

FRI | 6:30 PM | Dec. 14, 2018
Happy Paint Evening

We provide everything you need, including instruction, to paint the scene pictured here. Cost is $40. Max participants is 15. So sign up before seats sell out. Sign up online. (Add to FB calendar)

SAT | 11:00 AM | Dec. 15, 2018
Sac Brick Builders

Bring your LEGOs and let's build! Or just check out what we're building. All are welcome -- whether you have bricks or not. (Add to FB calendar)

2018's Best In Comics

Vote in Cracking the Vault Podcast's annual comics awards. CAST YOUR VOTE

NOW through December 19, 2018
Toys for Children's Receiving Home of Sacramento

It's for the kids. Bring a toy, or buy any toy at 25% OFF if donated. Select toys for donation are 50% OFF. (Add to your Facebook calendar.) Explore other ways to donate at CRHS's website.


12/21 - Movie Night: Die Hard
12/24 - Open Christmas Eve (for a little while)
12/25 - Happy Holidays (Closed)
12/31 - New Year's Eve (Closed)
01/01 - Closed
01/01 - Art Gallery at Empires with Melissa Pagluica
01/10 - Graphic Novel Discussion - Isola


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Thursday, November 22, 2018

We're thankful for 2018 and You

Here are 14 things we're grateful for this last year. We start with the #1 most important thing we're grateful for, and after that, the list is in no particular order. Let us know what's on your list. :) Enjoy.

YOU! All of you, the shop's patrons, make our shop a cool place to talk about comics and geek topics -- and you make it a safe place for people of all ages and ways of life.

Our official podcast, Cracking the Vault Podcast celebrates is 150th episode with a game show episode that you can play along with while you listen! They even published a special "thankful for comics" episode.

FCBD moves outside — bigger and better and we eliminated waiting in line!

Mariko Tamaki joined us at Creative Women Mini-Con 2018!

We added a new product to our shelves -- hot sauce.

First batch of shirts! And two LE totes.
First event pin! -- The Merpug, designed by local Jen Monson for Creative Women Mini-Con 2018.

Giant connect 4!
Image comics got its own section!
Happy paint night!

Brewery game night.
Expanded kids section and added young adult section.

Book signing for Sacramento's Ryan Millers' first book!

Monday, November 19, 2018

Local Artist Black Friday, Live Music, and Game Night

Are you ready for Black Friday? Because it's this Friday. We will be open from 11am-8pm.

Our Black Friday event will feature one-of-a-kind gifts crafted by local artists, including Jen Monson (FB), Mandy Wagner (FB), and Chris Cinder (Insta).

And here are your Black Friday deals:

  • 35% OFF Graphic novels
  • 40% OFF Toys, posters, and statues
  • *NEW: 25% OFF Hot Sauces
  • Back Issues $5 and under ONLY .50c
  • Back Issues $5.01-$10 ONLY $1
  • Back Issues $10.01-$15 ONLY $2
  • Back Issues $15.01+ 75% OFF
  • 50% OFF Variants & Hard to Find Comics
MEMBERS: Your Power-Up Bonus can be used at Black Friday. (from our Blog)

Tuesday, November 20 - 6:00 PM
Game Night

Every third Tuesday, enjoy an evening of friendly competition, childhood giddiness, and great craft beer! Hosted offsite by Empire's Comics Vault, it's Board Game Night!  (Add to your Facebook calendar.)

Tuesday, November 20 - 7:00 PM
Live Music: The Little Army

The Little Army is guitarist/vocalist Evan and drummer Tyler. We're excited to have them in the shop tomorrow night. Come in and enjoy some good music. Get a taste of The Little Army on their Bandcamp pageClick here to add this event to your Facebook calendar event.


Monday, November 12, 2018

Introducing Super-Duper Saturday -- AND Black Friday

Super-Duper Saturday is November 17, 2018.
Black Friday is November 23.
Hours: 11am-8pm

Here's what to expect:
  • 35% OFF Graphic novels
  • 40% OFF Toys, posters, and statues
  • NEW: 25% OFF Hot Sauces
  • Back Issues $5 and under ONLY .50c
  • Back Issues $5.01-$10 ONLY $1
  • Back Issues $10.01-$15 ONLY $2
  • Back Issues $15.01+ 75% OFF
  • 50% OFF Variants & Hard to Find Comics
You're hearing it here first. This Saturday, November 17, we're celebrating Super-Duper Saturday. It's our antidote for Black Friday! You'll get our best sale of the year -- TWICE in November!

Super-Duper Saturday lets you chase the coolest sales in town on Black Friday or relax with the family, knowing you've already scored all the comics merchandise you wanted.

NEW THIS YEAR ON BLACK FRIDAY, we are celebrating locally made unique, hand-made gifts on Black Friday. You'll find one-of-a-kind gifts crafted by Jen Monson (FB), Mandy Wagner (FB), and Chris Cinder (Insta).

NEW IN 2018: And be sure to check out Rolly's Graphic Novel Sets with Tote! It's a $90 deal of #1 collected editions for only $40. Select from DC, Marvel, or indie sets. Available while supplies last. Price may vary depending on the collection, but it'll still be a spectacular deal.

MEMBERS: Watch your inbox this week for your Power Up Bonus.

Pumpkin and Costume Winners

The winners are in!

The Pumpkin winners are:
- 1st place winner of $25 in regular priced back issues: P03
- 2nd place winner of $15 in regular priced back issues: P02
- 3rd place winner of $10 in regular priced back issues: P01
(View original entries here)

The Costume winners are:
- 1st place winner of $25 in regular priced back issues: C07
- 2nd place winner of $15 in regular priced back issues: C13
- 3rd place winner of $10 in regular priced back issues: C05
(View original entries here)

WINNERS: Visit Ben in the shop to collect your winnings. Please note: No cash out value. Spend under the prize amount and no change is made. Spend over the prize amount and pay the difference.