Saturday, September 20, 2014

Artist Melissa Pagluica on GoodDay Sacramento

Recently Melissa Pagluica was featured on GoodDay Sacramento. We wanted to make sure you didn't miss it!

To call her only an artist is an injustice. Melissa is not only an artist but also a storyteller, comic book creator, and an inspiration. In this interview you'll get a glimpse at her creative process and also her passion and drive to create beautiful works of art.

It's a privilege to have her with us today at the Creative Women Mini-Con 2014. We hope you make it in to the shop to meet her.

Here's who else you'll meet at Creative Women Mini-Con today.

Above the Clouds comic book creator storyteller
Melissa Pagluica, Above the Clouds comic book creator

Click through the image to watch the interview on the GoodDay site.

Transformers artist Sarah Stone and Ben on GoodDay Sacramento

In case you missed it this morning, Sarah and Ben were on GoodDay Sacramento. Have you met all of the Creative Women Mini-Con talent yet? 

Transformers artist Sarah Stone
GoodDay Sacramento

Click through this image to watch the video on the GoodDay site.

Creative Women Mini-Con Happening NOW

It's happening right now! We have several brilliant creative women in the shop right now, and they're meeting and talking with fans and other creatives. You need to meet these women.

We also have a sale:

50% off Back Issues
15% off Toys & Statues
10% off Graphic Novels

We're using #CreativeWomen14 as the hashtag on all our social networks:

Today, for Creative Women Mini-Con all our social networks will be working overtime, so join us on your favorite network.

Special Tumblr activity: We'll be doing something special at Tumblr today. We'll be posting all of your best pictures from around the internet! Take some pictures and we'll get it posted!

Our Geek Out Moment of the Month

Um. Yeah.

We geek out too.

September's Geek Out Moment was all about Kelly Sue DeConnick's retweet. :)
And in case you missed August's Geek Out Moment (which we shared over at Empire's Instagram account), here it is, affectionately titled, "Ben Meets Xander":

Friday, September 19, 2014

Twitter List for Creative Women Mini-Con 2014

We know you're gearing up for tomorrow's sale and mini-con, so we thought we'd help you meet the stars of the show on Twitter before you meet them in person tomorrow.

Creative Women Mini-Con Twitter List 2014

You can subscribe online to the Twitter list we created for Creative Women Mini-Con 2014 or you can use the links below to connect with the mini-con's creative women:

Sarah Stone: @fayren

Jen Monson: @JenMonson

Melissa Pagluica: @darksunrose

Sarah RenĂ© Straub: @SarahRStraub

Mandi Tremblay: @MittyMandi

Ilana Hack: @IlanaHack

Etta Jean: @EttaJeanFantasy

Alexis Villanueva: @HouseOfDoodle

Kristine Wendt: @KristineArt

Jasmine Ellis: N/A

Heather Lynn McCray: N/A

Krysten Reis: N/A

The Jen Monson Interview - Creative Women Mini-Con 2014

Ben recently took a moment to get to know local creative Jen Monson a little better. Enjoy the their chitchat.

Jen will be at tomorrow's Creative Women Mini-Con -- that's Saturday, September 20, starting at 11 am.

Creative Women Mini-Con showcases the talents of creative women in our region and sometimes includes special guests from outside the area. The complete listing of mini-con guests is available online at our post, Meet the Stars of Creative Women Mini-Con.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Etta Jean Interview - Creative Women Mini-Con 2014

Ben sat down and spoke with local fantasy novelist Etta Jean to learn a little more about her. You can meet Etta Jean and talk about the art of writing this Saturday, September 20, starting at 11 am.

Creative Women Mini-Con showcases the talents of creative women in our region and beyond. To view the complete line-up, read our post, Meet the Stars of Creative Women Mini-Con.

And now, enjoy the interview: