Friday, October 31, 2014

62 Days To Qualify For FCBD 2015 VIP Status

We're already planning for our best Free Comic Book Day yet! 2015 is sure to be more amazing than anything else you've experienced before. One thing you'll want for sure is VIP Status.

This is our first article in a series of articles focusing on the benefits of our Comic Book Savings Club. These articles will run through the rest of the year.

What's FCBD VIP Status?

Well, for Free Comic Book Day, it means you'll get to take advantage of THREE amazing benefits:

1. Before Free Comic Book Day, you'll get to pre-select 10 FCBD titles, and we'll set them aside for you. That means you can walk into the store and take advantage of one of our best sales of the year. Then, at check out, you can ask for your free books, and we'll just hand them to you.

Cosplayers at 2014 Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con

2. On Free Comic Book Day, if there are free titles you want in addition to your 10 pre-selected titles, then instead of waiting in the regular line of 100 or more people, you'll wait in our half-as-long, twice-as-fast VIP line. Oh, yeah, there's a VIP line every Saturday for FCBD Month. 

3. But wait, there's more! You can also bring a friend with you into the VIP line. You benefit from your decision, and your friend benefits too.

WARNING: Not everyone will qualify for FCBD VIP Status.

To qualify, join the Comic Book Savings Club (also known as starting a Saver) by December 31, 2014, and keep your Saver in good status.

How does the Comic Book Savings Club work?

Here's what it means in 3 easy steps:

1. Sign up with at least 1 regular title on your Saver, or pull list. (BONSU: You'll get 10% off anything you purchase at that time).

2. Pick up your book(s) regularly, at least monthly.

3. Keep your list up to date. Add titles, remove titles, any time via email, phone, in person, Facebook, or Twitter.

How do I sign up?

There are two ways:
1. Print out the form and bring it in (or email it to
2. Ask for the form in the shop, fill it out, and hand it in.

Want to know all the 2014 benefits rather than wait for articles about them. Get the details on our Savings Programs page

Sunday, October 26, 2014

National Pug Day is Pugtober 15th



Please mark your calendars for October 15, 2016. We won't miss it again.

What is National Pug Day?

Straight from the website, here's what it is:
National Pug Day is an International project founded in 2012 by Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Advocate Colleen Paige, to celebrate this wonderful, loving and loyal breed and to encourage Pug lovers all over the world to adopt their next Pug from the shelter or a Pug Rescue rather than buying from a pet store. There are many Pug rescues all over the world with wonderful Pugs looking for a good home. 
So, we're going to make it a special occasion. Still working out the details, in fact. After all, we have a whole year.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Cosplay to Win Toys and Comics

If you're going to enter our costume contest (you can win comics!), you might want to also enter Diamond Comic Distributors annual costume contest.

This year, Diamond is offering a $500 shopping spree, a $100 shopping spree, and a prize pack with a gazillion (ok, not a gazillion) cool freebies.

Photo courtesy of

We Can Help
One of the things you have to do to enter is hold up a copy of one of this year's free Halloween comics while in costume. That's where we can help. We have one of those in the shop, so get dressed up, come on in, and let's take your picture.

Our upcoming PARTY on Halloween is a great time to do that. Of course, we're here every day, so come on down.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween Party and Sale on October 31

Jenga (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Look, maybe you'll go trick or treating and maybe you won't. Maybe you just want to chill out, watch some spooky movies, and snack on some... well, snacks. We got you covered!

Chilling Party Starts at 5 p.m.

On Friday, October 31, come down to Empire's and hang out in Empire's Lounge. Bring something to eat or enjoy some of our light refreshments. We'll have some family-friendly, spooky films in the background, and we'll have our usual board games (and Jenga!) available for play.

The party starts at 5 p.m. and runs through closing time, at 8 p.m.

Spooky Sale Starts at 5 p.m.

We're also having a sale from 5-8 p.m. Here's what you get:
  • No Costume Discount: Any horror, monster or spooky comic book, toy, graphic novel, etc., will be 20% off for anyone not in costume.
  • In Costume Discount: Any horror, monster or spooky comic book, toy, graphic novel, etc., will be 25% off for anyone in a costume.
  • Have fun with this: Convince Ben that something you want is spooky, monsterific, or horror and he might just connect you with that discount!
Come on out for some easygoing fun and a night out of the house.

Annual Food Drive Starts Today

English: no name beans
English: no name beans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Scattered Comics and Empire's Comics Vault have teamed up once again to bring you this year's food drive. We're really like to see the store packed wall to wall with food. All items will be donated to the Sacramento Food Bank.

Stay tuned for more details about a special one-day push on Saturday, November 15, 2014.

We are accepting food now through the end of November.

What Kind of Food?

We are now accepting non-perishable foods:

  • Boxed potatoes
  • Canned yams and cranberries
  • Whole wheat pastas
  • Canned fruits, vegetables, beans*
  • Dry grains and beans
  • Canned or boxed soups and broths*

*Low-sodium and low-sugar preferred. Non-expired please.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Scattered Comics Release Party This Friday Night

Join Scattered Comics and the creators of Shadow Hunters for the release of a brand new issue of Shadow Hunters!

You'll get a chance to meet and have your photo taken with "Jenna" the vampire girl.

Plus, have Noel Serrato, Scattered Comic's Talent Director, take a look at your portfolio and give you an on-the-spot review.

Date: Friday, October 17, 2014
Time: 6pm - 9pm

Festivities will include:
  • Shadow Hunters' creators signing comics and doing original sketches
  • Food and drinks
  • Music
  • Special Kickstarter exclusives and prints
  • A one night only pop-up art gallery featuring "Shadow Hunter" artwork for sale by Scattered Comics artists
  • "Jenna" the vampire girl from the series will meet the fans, sign special cosplay editions and prints
  • Meet Noel Serrato, Talent Director, and have your portfolio reviewed. Be sure to bring it!
For more information and regular updates, please visit the Scattered Comic's release party event listing on Facebook.

Trade In Candy for Comics for Kids and Empire's Comics Vault are teaming up to save our children's precious teeth for creepy cavities and blood sugar levels from roller coaster ups and downs!

Trade In Your Candy For Comics

Starting Saturday, October 25 and running through Saturday, November 8, we'll take your children's, ages 16 and under, Halloween candy in trade for comic books.

Comics Are Cavity-Free

We have a small bowl that fills up very easily -- we tested it!

To trade in candy:

1. Fill our small candy measurement bowl with candy to receive one single-issue comic book.
2. It fills easily and quickly, so fill it up again for another comic book.
3. There's no limit to the comics* you can get for trading in comics.
4. Fill the bowl four times for four single-issue comics, or trade up for a collected edition* (which typically includes 4-6 issues)!
Note: Select children's titles only. Available while supplies last.