Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Empire’s Comics Vaults’ 13 favorite moments from 2015

We’re seven months in to 2016 and reflecting on how great 2015 was. It’s never too late to count the good things in life, right? So, in no particular order, here are our thirteen favorite things from 2015.

Creative Women Mini-Con. One of my favorite writers — and also one of Jen’s favorites — Barbara Kesel joined us for Creative Women Mini-Con. It’s a real dream come true to meet one of your comic book heroes. As a bonus, we interviewed Barbara on our podcast, Cracking the Vault (Mairghread Scott too!).

Free Comic Book Day. The Wandering Boba food truck joined us at FCBD Mini-Con! Yum. Lumpia. Boba. So much delicious happiness.

After-Hours Stand Up Comedy in the Empire’s Comics Vault Lounge. We’re proud to bring new collaborative projects to life, especially when they include Sacramento’s pool of comedic talent. Our after-hours stand up comedy has continued into 2016 and we’re looking at ways to make it even better. Comedy night is always the last Friday of the month. Check our calendar on this website or on our FB Page for additional details about our next event.

Live Model Sketching. There’s something special about sketching a real person. We started live model sketching in the shop last year as part of our weekly artist meet up. The meet ups didn’t last, but the live models did. Join us for the next one: it’s always the last Tuesday of the month. Check our calendar for additional details.

Captain Dylan Hunt (the pug). We added a precious bundle of joy to our family last year. Dylan is full of energy and loves to play. You can meet her in the shop along with Rolly Polly, so be sure to bring in your dog to say hello.

65” giant television. My, what a big TV you have! The better to watch cool stuff together, haha. Like on Back to the Future Day when the shop was packed and we count down to when the future became the past!

Roomier store with lots of light. Right?! Light. Space. Couches. TV. Conversation. Comic books. ‘Nuff said.

Empire’s Comics Vault's Movie Crew. Hey. I get it: there are a lot of different opinions out there about Avengers: Age of Ultron, but nothing compares to the massive movie crew that joined us for Avengers II. Of course, we put out a podcast episode about it. We also went to see Mad Max Fury Road together at Studio Movie Grill. Good times!

Sac City Rollers roller derby bouts. Not only are these games action packed, but we also have a special section. Boom.

I was a Crocker-Con costume contest judge! So cool. That is all.

Sac-Con expanded beyond the walls of the Scottish Rite Temple. Wow, Sacramento is all about the comics. We love that, and we love this town.

Cracking the Vault — our official podcast. Our podcast crew is hands down the best! They get crazy, silly, teary, serious, wordy, goofy, and we love every minute of it. They are the ultimate, everyday comic book fans and you really need to meet them — Jake, Amy, Patrick, and Tony — and subscribe.  

Good Day Sacramento’s Cody Stark and I were on a panel discussion at Intergalactic Expo. We talked about CW shows and their comic book counterparts. It was a good time for sure.

2016 has been filled with great things that will continue in the coming months. Join us and we’ll have good times together. 

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

FCBD Month Continues May 14th!

FCBD 2016 was an amazing day! We had amazing guests, great local groups, and a fantastic Sale! Why not have one more day?! Saturday May 14th we have one more Sale. You will not want to miss this since you know we don't do Sales very often. Let's keep it simple...

  • 15% OFF Graphic Novels & Toys
  • 50% off Back Issues
Savings Club Members make sure you check your email box for the special deals and Freebies Only for you. Not a Savings Club Member but wanna know how to get in on all the extras for FCBD 2017?


Sunday, May 8, 2016

FCBD Festival Prize Winners

Thank you all for helping support Shriner's Hospitals for Children. $328 was raised and were throwing in a box of kids' comic books. So now here are the three winning tickets and the prize lot that goes with each winning ticket:

  • 455102 wins Lot 1
  • 445334 wins Lot 2
  • 445180 wins Lot 3
Winners have 10 days to claim their prizes. On the morning of the 11th day, a new ticket will be selected for each unclaimed prize. This process will continue until all prizes have been claimed.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Read #1ComicADay with Empire's Comics

Last Tuesday, Ben and I were meeting to plan great things for the comic shop (I'm the marketing maven). He says to me, "I want to start reading one comic book everyday."

This sounds like one of his cockeyed plans to get me to read through some of the titles that are piling up in my "Read Pile." Turns out I have a bad reputation for keeping up on the titles I love. Just ask Joey or Patrick or Jake or the pugs...

But this is different: this time it's for himself. We commiserate about how life and work and business and the business of life get in the way and how comics get pushed aside far too easily.

And then, well... things got in the way. Two days go by but I still hadn't read anything -- not even on "New Comic Book Wednesday." So, today, Thursday, we're meeting again (there's always lots to do right before Free Comic Book Day Festival).

Before we start working, Ben says, "I want to read one comic everyday, so that's what I'm going to do first."

"Ok. Me too." So he reads Low and I read Think Tank (by Matt Hawkins who you can meet at FCBD Festival, by the way).

And thus begins a new movement, a new initiative! You are invited to join us, even if you already read one comic (or more) every day. But if you don't, we're ok being a movement of two (haha, pathetic!).

Ben will post his reads on Instagram/Twitter and I will post mine on Twitter. We'll be hashtagging it with #1ComicADay.

Turns out that this works really well: we both read three books today.