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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Thoughts on Matt Durand's The Dark Gun

Written by Matt Durand; Art by Taylan Kurtulus

Matt Durand's The Dark Gun will haunt you and inundate your mind with questions about violence and how it’s passed through generations, or if it’s something that is passed on. And they’re good questions.

Taylan Kurtulus' art feels bleak, no doubt by intention. We don't recall experiencing his art anywhere else, but we can tell you it works in this title. It’s a dark book, colored darkly, and full of shadows. It may even leave you with a sickly feeling.

A mind full of questions, a sickly feeling—and perhaps that was it’s intention. As much as we hope there’s a second issue, we hope there is isn’t.

Read this comic at your own risk. It just might leave you with a hole in the heart.

But in case you're wondering...
There is a second issue.

You can help bring the 2nd issue to life by taking action to support to the Kickstarter campaign. It only has a relatively few days to make its funding goal.

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