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Thursday, November 22, 2018

We're thankful for 2018 and You

Here are 14 things we're grateful for this last year. We start with the #1 most important thing we're grateful for, and after that, the list is in no particular order. Let us know what's on your list. :) Enjoy.

YOU! All of you, the shop's patrons, make our shop a cool place to talk about comics and geek topics -- and you make it a safe place for people of all ages and ways of life.

Our official podcast, Cracking the Vault Podcast celebrates is 150th episode with a game show episode that you can play along with while you listen! They even published a special "thankful for comics" episode.

FCBD moves outside — bigger and better and we eliminated waiting in line!

Mariko Tamaki joined us at Creative Women Mini-Con 2018!

We added a new product to our shelves -- hot sauce.

First batch of shirts! And two LE totes.
First event pin! -- The Merpug, designed by local Jen Monson for Creative Women Mini-Con 2018.

Giant connect 4!
Image comics got its own section!
Happy paint night!

Brewery game night.
Expanded kids section and added young adult section.

Book signing for Sacramento's Ryan Millers' first book!

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