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Monday, March 19, 2018

Meet local author Kristine Balog

Not only can you join us to write your own book, but we'll bring in an author for you to meet and speak with.

Here's the details.

03/22 Thursday at 5:00 PM

Writing at Empire's

Let's do this together. Writing together may be the boost you need to get that great American novel out of your head and onto paper... or, you know, your computer. Click to view the Facebook calendar event.

03/24 Saturday at 2:00 PM

Caravaggio v2 Book Signing
with Author Kristine Balog

Here's the line-up: Spectacular Spider-Man, Reaper, and Wonderfalls. Check our event page for movie synopses. All ages welcome. Click to view the Facebook calendar event.

3/28 - Cosplay Model "November Cosplay"
3/30 - Comedy Night at Empire's


Special Interview Video with
Sacramento Artist Nooligan: