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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Meet Sacramento artist Julie Okahara

It's another full week here at Empire's Comics Vault. Come on out and get creative with us. For one, we have Sacramento artist Julie Okahara joining us!

03/15 Thursday at 5:00 PM

Writing at Empire's

Everyone is welcome.

Need a place to write. Come sit with us. And write. We'll have music playing, or bring your headphones and jam to your own tunes. Feel free to bring a snack for yourself. See you there. Click image to view the Facebook calendar event.

03/16 Friday at 7:00 PM

'Too Good for Television'
Movie Night

Here's the line-up: Spectacular Spider-Man, Reaper, and Wonderfalls. Check our event page for movie synopses. All ages welcome. Click image to view the Facebook calendar event.

03/17 Saturday at 11:00 AM

Sacramento Brick
Builders Meetup

Build something great.
Get your bricks ready. Let's build.

03/17 Saturday at 11:00 AM

Julie Okahara Art Reception

Meet the creative mind behind some of the most imaginative pieces you've ever seen.
Let's meet Julie Okahara. Click image to view the Facebook calendar event.

3/24 - Caravaggio v.2 Book Signing with Kristine Balog
3/28 - Cosplay Model "November Cosplay"
3/30 - Comedy Night at Empire's


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