Our Sacramento, CA, comic shop is about more than just the books. Not only do we have the comics you are looking for, with a wide range of independent titles, but we have created a community and host events in our two lounges, one with a 65” TV and the other in our local art gallery.

We host art events with live models, writing nights, standup comedy, creator signings, graphic novel discussion groups, movie nights, Lego brick builders, paint nights, creative interviews, in-store mini-cons, parking lot festivals, charity events, and more.

Did we forget the pugs? Rolly Polly and Captain Dylan Hunt will usually be found chasing after other dogs in the shop, occupying your lap while you are on Aunt Mae's couch or sleeping in the window. Both are very friendly and love kids and dogs…Dylan LIVES for other dogs.


Did you know we publish our own comics?

Continuum Press (ECV Press) is a Sacramento, Ca, based small press publisher that works hard to bring you some of the best in indy comics. Whether you are looking for science fiction or mystic adventures in a world not quite our own we have what you are looking for. Our variety in characters, settings, genres and art styles will surprise you.

RELIC & EGO, THE HUNTERS, TRIAD, LITTLE KORI IN KOMALAND and THE CONTINUUM UNIVERSE are currently our 5 core books. Despite the differences in each title you can count on the fact that anything you read in any of our publications or in any of our webcomics will all be part of the same world. Continuity is very important to us as we know it is to our readers.