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Comic Book Savings Program

Comic Book Savings Program

Members will receive special discounts, Free Comic Book Day benefits, advance or extended sales, advanced registration for special events, and other benefits. Please see the Savings Program Benefits section and read the FAQ below for complete details.

Enroll today: Download the Savings Program Sign Up Form or ask for one in the shop.

Program Requirements

  1. You are at least 18 years of age
  2. A current email address for communication of Savings Program's benefits
  3. A current phone number on file with Empire’s Comics Vault
  4. Membership requires that you subscribe to at least one current comic book title
  5. Note: Program benefits may not be combined with any other offer, sales or promotion unless explicitly specified.

Savings Program Benefits

  1. One time sign-up bonus: 10% off coupon
  2. Members get 10% off regular-priced softcover and hardcover graphic novel and collected editions, all year long, for each and every purchase. Also, bring a guest into the VIP line on FCBD.
  3. 50% off Previews comic book catalog: You'll always receive your copy of Previews at 50% off the cover price. Just add it to your Savings Program subscription list! We usually sell out of Previews every month, so if you don't want it every month, just give us a month's advance notice and we'll make sure we have a copy for you. 
  4. Annual Subscription Sale: Normally, we don't put new comic books on sale, but as a member of the Savings Program, at least one time every year, they'll be on sale for you!
  5. Members Only Appreciation Event: You'll be invited to an annual appreciation event. Additional details will be announced toward the end of the year. 
  6. Exclusive Savings & Offers: Each month you'll receive one of any number of specials, such as a free comic book, a discount coupon, advance or extended sales, advance registration for special events, Free Comic Book Day Advanced Title Selection, a "Pick Your Own Day Sale" coupon, or the ever elusive 10% Power Up Coupon to get a better discount during sales. 
  7. Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) Advanced Title Selection: On Free Comic Book Day there's a long line and a long wait, and depending on when you get there, the title(s) you want may be gone! This benefit will help you skip the line! You'll get to pre-select a number of titles to ensure you get the ones you want the most! If you want more after that, you can get into a special Savings Program members only VIP line that will reduce your wait time! Another amazing thing about this benefit is that, if for some reason you can't make it out that day, you'll still have the FCBD titles you wanted. But be warned, you'll have to pick them up within 7 days or they'll be released to someone else! To take advantage of this benefit, a member must sign up by December 31 in the year prior to the FCBD and maintain a membership in good standing in January, February, March and April of each year’s FCBD. New membership sign-ups in January through May do not qualify for that year's FCBD but will qualify for this benefit in the following year.
  8. FCBD VIP Line + Early Access: Skip the long line, and get right into the special line for savings program members -- a.k.a., the VIP line. Additionally, gain access to the store, sale, and mini-con 30 minutes (and sometimes 60 minutes) early. 
  9. Free Comic Book Month: Every Saturday there are more freebies -- available only to Savings Program Members. Freebies may include free comic books (different than the current year's FCBD titles), graphic novels, collected editions, toys, and more.
  10. Free bags and boards: Well, ok, you've got us on this one! Everyone who shops at Empire's Comics Vault receives bags and boards for all new comics.
  11. Event discounts: Most of our store events are free, but when there's an entry fee, you'll most likely get a discount.
  12. More to come!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. When do my Savings Program benefits begin? As soon as you sign up, you receive 10% off your comic book purchase right on the spot! Then you'll receive your first benefit email in the month following the month you signed up. Special rules apply in order to qualify for the Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) Advanced Title Selection benefit. Read more about FCBD Advanced Title Selection in the Savings Program Benefits section above.
  2. How much does it cost? Nothing. It's totally free.
  3. How long does it last? As long as you want, and as long as we continue the Savings Program. You may discontinue membership at any time.
  4. What does it mean to "SUBSCRIBE" to a comic book title? You give us a list of the titles you want. When those titles come out, we put them on hold for you.
  5. How do I subscribe? You subscribe to titles by writing the name of the books you want on the form when you sign up.
  6. How do I change my subscription list of wanted titles? You may add and remove titles from this list at any given time by communicating such changes to us via telephone (916-482-8779), email (empirescv@hotmail.com), in person, or in writing (1120 Fulton Avenue, Suite K, Sacramento, CA 95825).
  7. What are the benefits of subscribing versus just picking them up myself? Besides the monthly benefits and Free Comic Book Day benefits you'll receive from being a part of this Savings Program, you also avoid not being able to find a title you want because it has sold out.
  8. What if I come in to pick up my comic book subscription titles that are being held for me, but there are some titles in the stack that I don't want anymore? You are never at any time required to purchase any title being saved for you if they are no longer wanted for any reason. We can also update your list to reflect those changes.
  9. How do I cancel my membership in the Savings Program? Just let us know and we'll remove you from the program. It's that easy. Then you can go back to getting your comics at your own convenience.
  10. How often do I have to purchase the comics I've subscribed to? Membership benefits require that you keep your account in good standing by picking up your comics regularly and/or updating your list regularly.
  11. What if I want to stay in the program but my circumstances change? We've been reading comics for a long time and understand the ups and downs of life and how that effects our comic book reading. Just talk to us and we can work it out together. You may also decide to reduce the titles on your list in order to stay within a budget. Remember, you can go as low as one current title! 
  12. How often do comic book titles come out? It varies by title. Some comic book titles come out every week, every other week, or monthly.
  13. How much does a comic book cost? Most titles range in price $2.99 and $3.99, but depending on the size and format, they can be more or less. 
  14. Why is there a qualification period for the Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) Advanced Selection benefit? To prevent program abuses. For example, someone might join the Savings Program in April so that they can get free titles held for them, then go to another shop to pick up duplicates on FCBD (1st Saturday in May), and then cancel their membership in the Savings Program. Why? For one, some free titles can be sold online for profit. We understand being crazy about comic books, but that's where we draw the line! Haha.
  15. What is Free Comic Book Day (FCBD)? FCBD is the single most popular comic book celebration taking place each year in cities all around the world. It takes place on the 1st Saturday in May each year.
  16. How is Free Comic Book Day celebrated? Each comic book shop celebrates it differently, but the one thing each celebration has in common is free comic books. Typically fifty different titles are made available for retailers to order. Still, there can be a great degree of how those comic books are distributed. One shop may only permit you to take two titles. Another make segregate the titles into "most wanted titles" and "other titles" and permit you to take only a few from the most wanted section, but one of each from the other titles. At Empire's Comics Vault we know what it is to love comics, so we allow anyone who attends our FCBD event to take one of each title that they really want. That's unheard of in the Sacramento area. We only ask that enthusiasts take only what they'll read, no more than one copy per title, and only for themselves.
Our Comic Book Savings Program began January 2013.