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Complete Guide to Free Comic Book Day Festival 2019

NOTE: This post will continually be updated until the day of the event. LAST UPDATED:  APRIL 27, MARCH 31, MARCH 7  On Saturday, May 4, ...

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Karl Kerschel LIVE + Moonstruck + Paint Night

This week's events are upon us. It all starts tonight. 

TUE | 6:00 PM | Apr. 9, 2019

Karl Kerschel Interview

We're beyond excited to interview Karl Kerschl of famed comics, Gotham Academy and ISOLA and The Abominable Charles Christopher. (Add to FB calendar)

As a pro artist for more than 20 years, he's worked for all the big comic houses, Neflix, and more. Including our Vaulty Award, he's won the Eisner and the Joe Shuster.

THU | 6:30 PM | Apr. 11, 2019

Graphic Novel Discussion: Moonstruck

Join our discussion of Moonstruck! All are invited. No fee. This is the first chapter of the brand-new, all-ages, magical, coffee-laden adventure from Lumberjanes creator GRACE ELLIS and talented newcomer SHAE BEAGLE. (Add to FB calendar)

FRI | 6:30 PM | Apr. 12, 2019

Happy Paint Night at Empire's Comics Vault

Paint this super-cute chick in the rain and take home your first (or second, or fitth...) masterpiece. All tools and instruction provided. Class fills up, so sign up online today. $40. Class limited to 15 participants. (Add to FB calendar)


Sunday, March 31, 2019

Oh, hey. What's up? I'm a superhero. - Shazam! (and Dylan) LOL

Here it comes. We're one month closer to Free Comic Book Day Festival. But before then, we have some fun headed your way. Read all about it below.

April 2019
Artists of Free Comic Book Day

All month long the Art Gallery at Empire's Comics Vault will feature works of art by exhibitors you'll be able to meet at FCBD Festival in May! (Add to FB calendar)

TUE | 6:00 PM | Apr. 2, 2019
Ken Garing--Online Interview
Join us to chitchat with comics creator Ken Garing. He writes and draws and creates worlds of wonder, namely the acclaimed comic book series PLANETOID (2012) and PLANETOID: PRAXIS (2017) published by Image Comics. His latest creator-owned project is the ongoing fantasy series GOGOR. He has also created comics for IDW and DC.  (Add to FB calendar)

THU | 7:00 PM | Apr. 4, 2019
Shazam! Movie Crew

The Movie Crew is on the movie and we're all off to see Shazam! Go ahead. We know you want to shout it. :D (Add to FB calendar)

SAT | 9:00 AM | May 4, 2019
FCBD Festival 2019

Don't miss it. Best day of the year. Learn all about Free Comic Book Day Festival 2019 in this year's Complete Guide to FCBD Festival 2019. (Add to FB calendar)


Friday, March 15, 2019

2019 Map for Free Comic Book Day Festival

We're taking over the parking lot for all of our Free Comic Book Day Festival activities. Read all about the event on our Complete Guide to Free Comic Book Day Festival 2019. AND here's the map to help you figure out parking

Plus, this year, we're planning to have our exhibitors out-of-doors! It's going to be an amazing comic book festival. Coming soon, we'll post complete festival details. 

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Let's talk with The Baboon's Creator Jamie Jones

Nothing but fun waiting for you this week! Here's the lineup.

SUN | 12:00 PM | Mar. 10, 2019
Heroes Fan Experience Ticket Sales

Get your tickets for the Hardly Heroes Fan Experience for the Avengers: Endgame movie--and make sure you don’t miss out on in-theater festivities! With Hardly Heroes you'll even get your seats before the general public! The two movie events will be April 25 at 6pm and April 27 at 10:30am. (Add to FB calendar)

TUE | 6:00 PM | Mar. 12, 2019
Jamie Jones Interview--LIVE Online

Jamie Jones is a comics creator with an exciting new, all-ages, project in the works, called "The Baboon." We're excited to talk to him about this new project. Find the campaign on Kickstarter. (Add to FB calendar)

THU | 6:30 PM | Mar. 14, 2019
Graphic Novel Discussion: DeptH

From master storyteller Matt Kindt comes a tale of underwater intrigue. Let's talk about it. (Add to FB calendar)

FRI | 7:00 PM | Mar. 15, 2019
Movie Night at Empire's Comics Vault

We have another classic movie headed your way and more popcorn too. Come out for a good time. We have couches. (Add to FB calendar)

SAT | 11:00 AM | Mar. 16, 2019
Sac BrickBuilders Meetup

It's been a little while since our last movie crew--and now it's time! Marvelous things are in store. Hope we'll see you there. (Add to FB calendar)

SAT | 2:00 PM | Mar. 16, 2019
Card Game BETA-Play! 

In Alchemental, there can be only one Keeper of the Celestial Sphere. Do you have what it takes to forge the Philosopher's Stone and take the Celestial Throne? Whoever forges the Philosopher's Stone first WINS! (Add to FB calendar) This new game comes from the mind of talented artist, writer, professor, art historian Kristine Balog!

SUN | 1:00 PM | Mar. 17, 2019
Carrie Alskar Art Reception

Come out and meet the artist behind the art! Illustrator/painter Carrie Alskar brings amazing creations to life. Carrie is our artist of the month for March. (Add to FB calendar)


Wednesday, February 27, 2019

ISOLA Colorist Michele Assarasakorn

It's already a banner year for us! We interviewed ISOLA writer Brenden Fletcher, and now we're going to interview ISOLA colorist Michele Assarasakorn! All that and more... 

TUE | 6:00 PM | Feb. 26, 2019
Online Interview: Michele Assarasakorn

Ben talks with illustrator and colourist Michele Assarasakorn. Michele is the master colourist on one of our favorite books, Isola. And we are hyped about talking with her. The LIVE interview will take place on Empire's YouTube Channel. (Add to FB calendar)

WED | 6:00 PM | Feb. 27, 2019
Cosplay Model Sketch

We're bringing in cosplay model Myke Soler for this months sketch. $10 at the door. The model thanks you in advance. (Add to FB calendar)


Artist of the Month:
Carrie Alskar

All month long come in to enjoy the gorgeous art of Carrie Alskar. Works are on sale. (Add to FB calendar)