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Friday, August 25, 2017

Cosplay Sketch Featuring Model Jennifer Ravensong

Whether you’re a cosplayer or an artist — or both — be sure to participate in our twice-a-month Cosplay Sketch.

Meet the model and talk cosplay, then have a seat and sketch, paint, sculpt, or draw the model. Entry is $10 at the door — and all proceeds go directly to the model.

On Tuesday, August 29, 2017, from 6 - 9 PM, cosplay model Jennifer Ravensong will pose as Poison Ivy for your sketching pleasure (click to add this event to your FB calendar).

Check our Facebook calendar for additional upcoming sessions.

Who Is Cosplayer Jennifer Ravensong?

Jennifer Ravensong (on FB at J Ravensong Productions | Instagram | Twitter) is a fictional character, with a solid mythology.

Known in some parts as the Villainous Vixen Ravensong, no one knows who the Lady Ravensong truly is; her name and face have changed so many times.

What is known is that she will never remain the same for very long, always changing and morphing to blend into her environment. 

She is known to win the affections of men and women alike, only to bring them to their undoing. A black widow by nature and a siren at heart, she will woo unsuspecting victims with the beauty of her words and song and is sure to drive you to madness. 

While it is said she has a heart of gold, very few have seen past her walls, but to those she holds dear, she is an angel in disguise.

But never trust a villain or a woman….especially a villainous woman.

She was trained in the Companion arts from birth and was then discovered to have a very high count of metachlorian.

She trained in the Jedi arts under Mace Windu before she was betrayed utterly and turned to the darkside. Now a Sith, she carries her light saber with her always but only resorts to its use in the trickiest of situations.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

6 Stand-Up Reasons To Laugh Your Freckle-Muffin Off Friday Night

6. It’s 100% Free laughs. Every last Friday of the month, starting at 8 PM. Check out FB Calendar for upcoming events and the lineup.

5. Our host’s own laughter will crack you up. It’s so contagious. He’s Mr. Joe-Joe Louis. He holds a PhD in English and is the creator and producer of both Comedy Night at Empires and the Secret Moving Van Show, both in Sacramento. He is also the creator of Joe-Joe Has Fun, a twice-daily Let's Play show starring both him and comedian Kim Martel.

Joe-Joe Louis, Sacramento comedian
Joe-Joe Louis, Sacramento comedian

4. There may — or not — be singing. Especially if Christian Amaral has anything to sing about it. He is the co-host of the monthly High Anxiety Variety Show, as well as the creator of 3 failed podcasts.

3. People wear cool stuff with, like, skulls. Yeah, skulls. Take Robert Barry, for instance. As the creator and writer behind the long standing pop culture site retroCRUSH, he's written hundreds of essays, interviews, and film reviews. Can’t wait to see what he wears Friday night.

Robert Berry, comedian
Robert Berry, comedian

2. One comedian may be punnier than the others.
We’re talking about Damian Harmony. He, along with his partner Daniel Humbarger, has run the Capitol PUNishment pun tournament in Sacramento for the last year. He is a father of two, and could really use the money from comedy so that his kids can eat meat sometimes. So, please, make good use of the tip car. See also, bullet point #3, again.

Damian Harmony, Comedian
Damian Harmony, Comedian

And the #1 reason to laugh your freckle-muffin off with us every last Friday of the month is...

1. Random stuff happens, for example, A.J. DeMello landing in the #1 spot of this post. Oh, yeah, lots more random headed your way. With a delivery ranging from caveman to out right joker, A.J.'s sharp, no-nonsense material and nonchalant pacing leave audiences laughing and hurting.