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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Women-in-comics trailblazer Barbara Randall Kesel at Creative Women Mini-Con 2015

Barbara Randall Kesel
We're over-the-moon excited to have editor and comic book writing veteran Barbara Randall Kesel join us for Creative Women Mini-Con 2015.

Barbara blazed a trail for other women to follow as an early female influence in the comic book industry. In a piece written for SequentialTart.com, Jennifer M. Contino says about Kesel, "Moved by the bad stereotypical way that most female characters were portrayed, she sent DC Comics a ten-page letter informing them of her views and suggestions for how to ‘fix’ problems and make improvements." Dick Giordano called her for a meeting.

Barbara has worked at DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Image Comics, CrossGen, and Dark Horse Comics. She served as "head writer" at CrossGen and is well known for writing the popular comic book, Meridian, featuring a young, female heroine named Sephie. She has also written Sigil, Ultragirl, Legends of the Dark Crystal, and Ghost Whisperer, among others.

As an editor, Barbara was recognized in 1996 with a Harvey Award for Hellboy: The Wolves of St. August in the Best Graphic Album of Previously Published Work.

To learn more about Kesel's work with Womanthology, listen to the Worst Comic Podcast Ever interview.

Right now, in the shop, we have available a collected edition of Hawk & Dove written by Barbara and numerous issues from #1 and #44 of Meridian.

We're excited to have this comic writing legend join us for Creative Women Mini-Con. Talk to Barbara on Twitter at @barbarakesel. Follow Barbara on Facebook.

Creative Women Mini-Con 2015
Date: Saturday, October 3
Doors open: 11 AM
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For the full line-up of exhibitors and guests, read our post, "Announcing 2015's Creative Women Mini-Con guests."

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