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Monday, April 20, 2015

Free Comic Book Month is back this May 2015

Following the tradition of Florida comic shop -- A Comic Shop -- we're celebrating Free Comic Book Day all month long. We call it Free Comic Book Month!

Free Comic Book Month in a nutshell

We kick off Free Comic Book Month on Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) Mini-Con, naturally. This year, WFCBD Min-Con is Saturday, May 2, 2015. It's the first Saturday in May.

Then, for each subsequent Saturday, we have more comic book freebies. That means, five Saturdays of comic book freebies!

Comic Book Savings Club members can show up any Saturday and stand in the VIP line. The don't even need a passport.

Non-members require a passport to access the freebies. Get your passport marked each Saturday to unlock the next week's freebies. So, don't miss even one Saturday. For tracking purposes, you'll be issued a FCBMonth Passport on Free Comic Book Day -- so be sure you get one!

How FCBMonth works

Passport in hand and ready to collect more free comic books! 2014.
1. When you attend FCBD Mini-Con, you'll receive your Free Comic Book Month Passport while you're standing in line or when you enter the store. You're instantly granted access to the next Saturday's freebies.

2. Visit on May 9 to access freebies and get your FCB Month Passport stamped. That stamp will grant you access to more freebies the following Saturday, and so on.

3. If you miss a Saturday, you miss out on any more freebies. Some of the best items are saved for later in the month.

FCBMonth's comic book freebies

  • May 2 - We're giving out 20,000 free comic books (while supplies last).
  • May 9 - Miscellaneous Free Comic Book Day titles from 2014 and Free Comic Book Halloween comics from 2014/2015.
  • May 16 - Image Comics best selling #1 issues in mint condition!
  • May 23 - Marvel Comics #1 issues and Vintage toys (while supplies last)!
  • May 30 - Free graphic novels, trade paperbacks, and collected editions of comic books
Awesome haul of free comics at FCBMonth 2014.

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