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Monday, April 20, 2015

Artistic champion Justin Orr joins FCBD Mini-Con 2015

Note: Get the full lineup of FCBD Mini-Con 2015 guests here.

Justin Orr is a Northern California-based artist and animator. He has worked on a wide array of projects, providing innovative and engaging art for television and games, as well as for advertising and design clients.

He humbly and jokingly (we think!) refers to himself as "one of the most famous leaders and champions for making drawings of stuff in the world."

He holds tightly to his artistic integrity and "firm belief in non-crappy art."

His renown is such that he is largely referred to by the single, iconic name, Jusscope.

Meet Jusscope at Empire's Comics FCBD Mini-Con
Check out Justin's gallery at jusscope.com, then meet the legend in person on May 2.

We were unable to interview Justin before the Mini-Con, however you can learn a little more about him from this video.

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