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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Lady Rose of May at FCBD Mini-Con 2015

Note: Get the full lineup of FCBD Mini-Con 2015 guests here. This Saturday, May 2 is Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con. Doors open at 9 am. See you there.

Cosplayer McKayla Rose Butym is an athlete, professional costumer, aspiring author and a volunteer with the West Coast Avengers and The Avengers Initiative, charitable organizations that contribute to various Child Life, hospital and community events throughout the year.

McKayla has been costuming since 2001. She recently completed her first novel, which she describes as high fantasy and steampunk-friendly. McKayla was also a competitive boxer for two years, active with the roller derby, and boasts that she has, indeed, knocked people out -- so watch it!

At Free Comic Book Day, the West Coast Avengers will be raising money for Shriner's Children's Hospital by selling raffle tickets for an amazing prize package!

Meet McKayla at Empire's Comics Vault's FCBD Mini-Con
We're pleased as punch that McKayla will bring her diverse and intriguing talents to FCBD Mini-Con on May 2.

West Coast Avengers Initiative joins FCBD Mini-Con 2015

Note: Get the full lineup of FCBD Mini-Con 2015 guests here. Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con is this Saturday, May 2. Doors open at 9 am. We're giving away 20,000 free comic books. At the Mini-Con, West Coast Avengers will be selling raffle tickets for an amazing prize package. All proceeds will benefit Shriner's Children's Hospital of Northern California.

The West Coast Avengers, a non-profit costuming group, provides a "collective identity" for Marvel Universe fans to create, own, and wear their favorite film, comic, and television hero costumes. 

With a focus on fun and creativity, the group encourages members to "capture the magic" of Marvel by portraying accurate representations of various characters through individual costumes. While allowing for some "creative modifications," the group holds itself and its members to child-appropriate and family-friendly portrayals. 

The West Coast Avengers puts its costuming and creative talents to work in the community through various fundraisers, charity work and volunteerism. Last year at FCBD, "California's mightiest heroes," raised money for Shriners Hospital for Children. We're thrilled to announce that they'll be on hand this year to do the same!

Meet West Coast Avengers Initiative at FCBD Mini-Con
Come out on May 2 to meet and take pictures with your favorite West Coast Avenger and help raise money for a worthy cause. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Jeremy Rathbone at FCBD Mini-Con 2015

Note: Get the full lineup of FCBD Mini-Con 2015 guests here. Come by Saturday, May 2, and join in on the fun. Doors open at 9 am.

Jeremy Rathbone is a Sacramento-based freelance illustrator, comic artist and independent comic creator. Though incredibly versatile, he specializes in thematically dark styles. 

Best known for his Zombot series of paintings, Jeremy is also the co-creator of comic stories Munkie Revolution and Saga of the Robovikings.

Jeremy's artistic philosophy can be summed up in these words, "If it doesn't make you think, it's not art."

He has displayed at Empire's Comics Art Gallery.

Meet Jeremy at FCBD Mini-Con
We're happy to have such a talented artist and creator with us on May 2. Be sure to stop by and meet Jeremy. 

Cody Vrosh at FCBD Mini-Con 2015

Note: Get the full lineup of FCBD Mini-Con 2015 guests here.

Cody Vrosh is a self-taught illustrator, painter who loves and works near the SF Bay Area. His works include books, prints, original art as well as t-shirt and tie designs. His experimental work uses "fine lines and chaotic ink patterns" to depict "dark and whimsical companionships" which "attempt to express the aspects of one's personality that we typically hide from the world." He's worked on a variety of surfaces and mediums, including hand-cut burned wood and coffee-stained paper.

In 2007, he co-founded Binary Winter Press, an independent book press and eco-friendly screen printing workshop.

His books include The Irrelevant Redemption: A Steampunk Fairytale, Ash & Ember, Gasmask A Day featuring a collection of images from his Gasmask A Day blog series, /ROOT + Whim, Coffee Creatures a collection of his paintings in coffee and watercolor, and, most recently, The Android's Astrological Companion.

He has provided creative works for clients such as the Modern Eden Gallery, The Museum of Edgar Allan Poe, The Razor Skyline, and Mission: Comics & Art.

Meet Cody at FCBD Mini-Con

We're ecstatic to have this innovative talent with us on May 2. Come out and meet Cody, check out his work. Be sure to ask him about some of his passions, such as animal rights, robot rights and his vegan cheesecake recipe.

Mach Yeager at FCBD Mini-Con 2015

Get the full lineup of FCBD Mini-Con 2015 guests here.

Mach Yeager is an art director, graphic designer and creative consultant in Game & Graphic Design, Illustration, and Animation Production.

His client list includes multiple Fortune 1000 companies, ranging from Campbell's Soup, Intel, and Sony Entertainment, to Blue Diamond, Heinz, and Nestle's, among others.

His current professional assignments include character design and concept art for Arch Enemy Entertainment, which premiered at the San Diego Comic Conventions.
Recently, for ECV Press, he served as cover artist for a Trixie Dynamite variant cover. His webcomic, "Digger Jones Adventurer," can be viewed at USAtoday.com.

Mach is also currently co-writer and artist for the upcoming 6-issue mini-series, "John Solo: Secret Agent," for Arch Enemy Entertainment. 

Meet Mach at FCBD Mini-Con
We're honored to have such an amazing, professional talent with us on May 2. C'mon down!  

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Capeless Crusaders join FCBD Mini-Con 2015

Note: Get the full lineup of FCBD Mini-Con 2015 guests here.

The gentlemen of The Capeless Crusaders' podcast will join us at Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con.

Date: Saturday, May 2, 2015
Time: 9:00 a.m.

Stop by their table at the Mini-Con to talk comics and enjoy what might be your first time being on a podcast.

The Capeless Crusaders' talk all things comics (history, modern issues, movie adaptations and more!).

Take a moment to enjoy their pre-FCBD interview (below), and to listen to their podcast, and then we will see you there!

Visit their podcast website online at:

Or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

You can also chat them up on Twitter: @TheCapelessOnes.

If you prefer Instagram: @TheCapelessCrusaders

Myke Soler of Vader's Fist at FCBD Mini-Con 2015

Note: Get the full lineup of FCBD Mini-Con 2015 guests here.

One of our top supporters for many years has been cosplayer Myke Soler. You'll always find Myke at our annual Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con celebrations.

Myke is famous for his Stormtrooper and Deadpool mashup, Stormpoolio.

So, when you're walking around FCBD Mini-Con and you see a Stormtrooper, it could very well be Stormpoolio. But wait just a moment, that's *if* Myke comes as Stormpoolio.

He may choose, instead, to come as a Jedi Quinlan Vos, or perhaps as a Stormtrooper with Vader's Fist, the 501st Legion.

Come out and meet Myke -- if you can find him.

FCBD Mini-Con is:
Date: Saturday, May 2, 2015
Time: Doors open at 9:00 am

Melissa Pagluica at FCBD Mini-Con 2015

Note: Get the full lineup of FCBD Mini-Con 2015 guests here.

Ben sits down with shop favorite Melissa Pagluica to talk about art and comics. Melissa has been featured on Good Day Sacramento, at Creative Women Mini-Con, and at FCBD Mini-Con 2013.

She is the creator of Above the Clouds comic and the creator of some the most gorgeous digital art you've ever laid eyes on.

"I draw a lot of inspiration from fairy tales, Norse mythology, and as a kid growing up... magical girl power," says Melissa.

Melissa will join us for Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con 2015 on Saturday, May 2. Doors open at 9 am. 

To learn more about Melissa and take a tour through her work, visit MPagluica.com.

And remember, we're giving away 20,000 free comic books but they won't last forever. Wink, wink.

Top Cow visits Sacramento for Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con

Top Cow's Dlyan Gray and Ben
Note: Get the full lineup of FCBD Mini-Con 2015 guests here.

Ben interviews Dylan Gray from Top Cow Productions.

We're excited to have Top Cow Comics and cosplayers of their characters join us for our Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con celebration on Saturday, May, 2015.

Doors open at 9:00 am. But come early because the line grows quickly!

This year, Top Cow's FCBD title is Tales of Honor:

"An original Honor Harrington story!  Set in the universe of the best-selling military science fiction novels by David Weber, this self-contained zero issue is the lead in for the new ongoing series also launching in May.  On patrol in the Silesian Confederacy, Honor and crew chase a pirate vessel only to have it eject its human cargo of slaves into space.  Horrified at the callous disregard for life, the crew of the HMS Fearless investigate and uncover a vast conspiracy by the planet Mesa to provide genetically enhanced slaves to the seedy underbelly of the various Star Kingdoms." (Source: FreeComicBookDay.com)

Top Cow will also be giving away 200 free signed copies of Tales of Honor to the first 100 adults in each line. 

Take some time to stop by their table and learn more about the exciting Top Cow universe of characters.

Get more from Top Cow, including free downloads, at http://TopCow.com.

Sacramento Model McKayla Rose in steampunk

Our second live model session features Lady Rose of May, aka, McKayla Rose, in steampunk. Take a moment to enjoy Ben's interview with McKayla (below).

The evening will consist of two hours of multiple gestures and a longer pose. The cost is a $10 for model fees.

Our first live model was a success. Now enjoy our second session.

Sacramento's newest artist meetup group

Live Model Date: Tuesday, April 28, 2015
Time: Come as early as 5 pm, start at 6 pm

Empire's Comics Artist Meet-up is for artists of all levels. The group meets every Tuesday night and alternates between work nights, lectures, and live models. All are welcome. Except for the live model session, there is no charge for the meetup.

Check our Facebook Events page for information by date.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sarah Rene Straub joins FCBD Mini-Con 2015

Note: Get the full lineup of FCBD Mini-Con 2015 guests here.

At the age when many other girls were marrying their dolls to one another, freelance illustrator and comic artist Sarah Rene Straub was "marrying pencils to paper."

Her early obsessions with fairy tales and mythology established her enduring love of storytelling and her passion for "all things whimsical and mysterious."

Sarah has parlayed her talent for "weaving tales, crafting whatnots, and creating drawings inspired by the fairytales, myths, and fantasy stories" on which she was raised into her illustrative work, which has most recently been featured in Image Comics' "Mice Templar IV: Legends 10 & 13," and in the colors and lettering for Shane Matthew Murphy's "Birdland, and colors for "Dramagic" by Mike Gray and Alison Roozeboom.

Sarah is currently working on her own project, the mythology comic, "Blind Follies: The Flower and Death."

Meet Sarah at FCBD Mini-Con
We're proud to have such an amazing artist with us on May 2. Come down and meet Sarah. Check out her art. Ask her why she considers herself a hobbit and find out what she loves about vintage games, tea and cats.

Geek Out with SacGeeks at FCBD Mini-Con 2015

Note: Get the full lineup of FCBD Mini-Con 2015 guests here.

SacGeeks.com is the premiere online community calendar of geek-friendly and unique events in and around Sacramento.

The organization brings together passionate fans of science fiction, fantasy, anime, gaming, technology, literature, art, cosplay, movies, and other aspects of pop culture to ensure that local geeks meet new friends and discover new, but always geeky, things to do.

SacGeeks works with the West Sacramento Department of Parks and Recreation to host the Intergalactic Expo, a family-friendly, fan-run, charitable convention taking place
May 2-3, 2015 at the West Sacramento Civic Center. 

You'll find a variety of interesting, educational, fun and friendly events put on by local clubs, groups, stores, authors, gamers, museums and libraries and learn where to meet up with fellow geeks at www.sacgeeks.com . 

We're thrilled to have SacGeeks joining us for Free Comic Book Day. Hit Empires Comics for the day on Saturday, May 2 and keep the fun going at the Intergalactic Expo in West Sac on Sunday, May 3.

Kyrun Silva and FCBD Mini-Con 2015

Note: Get the full lineup of FCBD Mini-Con 2015 guests here.

Even as a boy, Kyrun Silva couldn't stop creating.

His earliest memories are of drawing characters in his room while watching cartoons on TV. He recalls being "fascinated with everything geeky," but the compelling storytelling and beautiful artwork he found in comics gave root to his enduring creative passion and his current project, Big Tree Comics.

Kyrun founded Big Tree Comics in the spring of 2014, with its flagship title, Shaman's Destiny. Written, drawn and inked by Kyrun, the series portrays the adventures of Malik, a young man chosen by Gaea, the spirit of the Earth, to protect humankind from supernatural beings, demons, and other creatures that mean them harm. The first three issues are available now, both digitally and here at Empire's.

Kyrun is busy expanding his comic enterprise, with a goal to "make Big Tree Comics and its stable of fun and entertaining titles, household names." To that end, he recently launched the webcomic, "Vocabularious," and is hard at work developing two new series for debut in 2015.

Meet Kyrun at Empire's Comics Vault's FCBD Mini-Con
We're thrilled that this busy and multi-talented creator and artist will be on hand to meet fans and showcase his series.  Check out his work at bigtreecomics.com and then head down to Empires on May 2 to meet Kyrun in person. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Kris Saldana at FCBD Mini-Con 2015

Note: Get the full lineup of FCBD Mini-Con 2015 guests here.

Los Angeles-born Kris Saldana is a comic and web comic writer, living and working in Sacramento. 

He recently completed and released his first book, "Showcase."

Kris is currently working on what he describes as "tons of new projects likely to fuel my imminent meltdown."

His ongoing and upcoming projects include a collaboration with artist Lizzy Stampher called "Superpowered Megafighters," and "Ballpit."

Meet Kris at FCBD Mini-Con
We're overjoyed to welcome back our friend and talented writer, Kris. We warmly invite you to meet him and enjoy his work on May 2.

Jared Konopitski at FCBD Mini-Con 2015

Note: Get the full lineup of FCBD Mini-Con 2015 guests here.

Sacramento born and raised, self-taught artist, Jared Konopitski's is well familiar to those who frequent Empire's Comics Vault.

Though he creates in many mediums, including the design and development of artful toys, the majority of Jared's works take the form of acrylic paintings.

His colorful, whimsical, engaging pieces, featuring extraordinary and everyday creatures, have often graced our gallery walls. In fact, Jared's rendering of one beloved pug hangs in permanent watch over our shop.

Jared's works have been exhibited at festivals, and museums across the US and Internationally including; The Smithsonian, Washington D.C.; The Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA; and The Mutter Museum, Philadelphia, PA.

Jared's creations have also been featured in Color Ink Book (2013), Papercut Magazine (2013), Arcana's Steampunk Originals (2013), Heavy Metal Magazine (2012), Catapult Magazine (2012), DisColouring Book (2012), Penumbra eZine (2012), And Wow!cool! Psycho Nurse Calendar (2011). 

He's worked with clients such as Universal Studios, Showtime, Art O Mat, and Turning Art, among others. His art can be viewed online at www.jaredkonopitski.com .

Jared has curated numerous gallery shows and corporate art seminars. He's committed to giving back to the community, stating, "I feel artists have a social responsibility to use their talent to change the world in some way. If that means donating work or talent for amazing causes, then I am all for it!"

To that end, Jared also holds early art education as a priority and enjoys facilitating art workshops that help children develop their imaginations and creativity. 

Meet Jared at Empire's Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con
We are thrilled to once again have this internationally recognized, accomplished, yet ever humble artist with us. The images that spring from his fertile, colorful imagination will delight you even more so in person. We know you'll enjoy meeting Jared and viewing his work on May 2.

Supreme Pro Wrestling returns to FCBD Mini-Con

Note: Get the full lineup of FCBD Mini-Con 2015 guests here.

Supreme Pro Wrestling (SPW), an independent wrestling promotion based out of Sacramento, is home to many local and independent wrestling superstars.

They boast the loudest fans, most captivating storylines, and a perfect blend of various wrestling genres providing fun, pro wrestling action for the entire family.

SPW has run monthly shows and the SPW Training academy since 2000. Their stars wrestle across the West Coast each weekend. We are thrilled to welcome them back to FCBD!

Meet the Wrestlers at Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con
Meet the wrestlers and watch as they take each other to the mat on May 2. Don't miss it!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Long John creator D. Bethel joins FCBD 2015

Note: Get the full lineup of FCBD Mini-Con 2015 guests here.

Creator, writer, and artist Dan Bethel has been making independent comics for eight years.

He co-created, co-wrote, and illustrated the humor-adventure webcomic, Eben07, for six years, publishing six books, being featured in the Sacramento News & Review, the Sacramento Bee, and positively reviewed by Ain't It Cool News in that time. 

He started his current webcomic, Long John, in June 2014, and is currently updating its second chapter at 

He also co-hosts the weekly nerdy news and discussion podcast, For All Intents and Purposes.

During the day, he teaches Writing and Rhetoric at CSU, Sacramento and The Art Institute of California–Sacramento.

Meet the Professor at Empire's Comics Vault's FCBD Mini-Con
We couldn't be more pleased to have this mutli-talented comicker and fellow nerd with us on May 2. You'll enjoy discussing Dan's own creations and all other things comics with the professor. He has assured us that there will be no pop quizzes or lectures. Pencils down!

B-Squad: Soldiers of Misfortune, Creator Eben E.B. Burgoon at FCBD Mini-Con 2015

Note: Get the full lineup of FCBD Mini-Con 2015 guests here.

Meet the B-Squad, a mercenary squad of expendable misfits working together to complete missions both dangerous and ridiculous.

B-Squad: Soldiers of Misfortune is an action-adventure, humor, comic book series created by Eben E.B. Burgoon, with a twist: In each issue of B-Squad, one of the 6 characters featured in that issue will be killed off.

Who gets the ax is determined by the random spin of a gambling totem, a move that the series creator describes as "one spin, one marked for death character."

Already featured on Comic Book Resources, Bleeding Cool, and Mental Floss magazine, the first 5 issue volume of this exciting new series is set for release in June 2015. 

Meet Eben at Mini-Con
We're thrilled that this innovative creator will be with us on May 2, spotlighting his soon to be released series, B-Squad: Soldiers of Misfortune.

Noir Amador joins us for FCBD Mini-Con 2015

Note: Get the full lineup of FCBD Mini-Con 2015 guests here.

Noir Amador is a Sacramento artist.

He's talented.

He's prolific.

That's all you need to know.

Now, all you need is to meet him. 

Find him at Empire's Comics Vault's FCBD Mini-Con on Saturday, May 2, 2015.

Doors open at 9 am.

The line starts long before that (probably because we're giving away 20,000 free comic books).

See more of his art in his DeviantArt gallery.

Here's one of our recent favorites (however be sure to check out his DeviantArt).

For an extremely rare video appearance, watch a few seconds of this video. Skip to 1:07:

Monday, April 20, 2015

Artistic champion Justin Orr joins FCBD Mini-Con 2015

Note: Get the full lineup of FCBD Mini-Con 2015 guests here.

Justin Orr is a Northern California-based artist and animator. He has worked on a wide array of projects, providing innovative and engaging art for television and games, as well as for advertising and design clients.

He humbly and jokingly (we think!) refers to himself as "one of the most famous leaders and champions for making drawings of stuff in the world."

He holds tightly to his artistic integrity and "firm belief in non-crappy art."

His renown is such that he is largely referred to by the single, iconic name, Jusscope.

Meet Jusscope at Empire's Comics FCBD Mini-Con
Check out Justin's gallery at jusscope.com, then meet the legend in person on May 2.

We were unable to interview Justin before the Mini-Con, however you can learn a little more about him from this video.

Hainanu Saulque joins FCBD 2015

Note: Get the full lineup of FCBD Mini-Con 2015 guests here.

Illustrator and designer, Hainanu "Nooligan" Saulque, describes himself as "an old soul in a young body." Drawing equal inspiration from the cartoons he watched as a child, to classic films shot decades before his time, from the golden age of comics, to classic newspaper strips, his art, which he describes as "contemporary with a flare of nostalgia," reflects a creator who completely immerses himself in his creative passions.

Join us for Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con on Saturday, May 2, 2015 to meet Nu.

His artistic talent is featured in the books Union St. Choir and Slingshots & Heartbreak and various limited edition originals and prints available for purchase at www.nooligan.com.

Born and raised in California and now settled in Sacramento, Hai-Na-Nu “Nooligan” Saulque has dedicated his life to his craft. After attending art school in San Francisco, he gravitated towards comics and his design skills have been invaluable.

He broke into comics with ECV Press as a penciler and quickly expanded his art as a graphic designer, penciler, inker and writer.

His first Kickstarter for the art book “Rumluck” recently finished and gave his fans the quality work they were clamoring for. You can find him at cons up and down the west coast with a variety of prints, posters, bookmarks, buttons and other fun items that showcase his love for classic cartoons and Americana.

Meet Nooligan at Mini-Con
We're so pleased to have such a creative, talented and down-to-earth artist with us. We know you'll enjoy meeting him and experiencing his work firsthand on May 2.

We weren't able to interview Nu for the Mini-Con, however you can learn a little about him from this video.

Free Comic Book Month is back this May 2015

Following the tradition of Florida comic shop -- A Comic Shop -- we're celebrating Free Comic Book Day all month long. We call it Free Comic Book Month!

Free Comic Book Month in a nutshell

We kick off Free Comic Book Month on Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) Mini-Con, naturally. This year, WFCBD Min-Con is Saturday, May 2, 2015. It's the first Saturday in May.

Then, for each subsequent Saturday, we have more comic book freebies. That means, five Saturdays of comic book freebies!

Comic Book Savings Club members can show up any Saturday and stand in the VIP line. The don't even need a passport.

Non-members require a passport to access the freebies. Get your passport marked each Saturday to unlock the next week's freebies. So, don't miss even one Saturday. For tracking purposes, you'll be issued a FCBMonth Passport on Free Comic Book Day -- so be sure you get one!

How FCBMonth works

Passport in hand and ready to collect more free comic books! 2014.
1. When you attend FCBD Mini-Con, you'll receive your Free Comic Book Month Passport while you're standing in line or when you enter the store. You're instantly granted access to the next Saturday's freebies.

2. Visit on May 9 to access freebies and get your FCB Month Passport stamped. That stamp will grant you access to more freebies the following Saturday, and so on.

3. If you miss a Saturday, you miss out on any more freebies. Some of the best items are saved for later in the month.

FCBMonth's comic book freebies

  • May 2 - We're giving out 20,000 free comic books (while supplies last).
  • May 9 - Miscellaneous Free Comic Book Day titles from 2014 and Free Comic Book Halloween comics from 2014/2015.
  • May 16 - Image Comics best selling #1 issues in mint condition!
  • May 23 - Marvel Comics #1 issues and Vintage toys (while supplies last)!
  • May 30 - Free graphic novels, trade paperbacks, and collected editions of comic books
Awesome haul of free comics at FCBMonth 2014.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

2015 Free Comic Book Titles Checklist Available

No matter where you celebrate Free Comic Book Day, this checklist will come in handy.

If you visit Empire's Comics Vault on FCBD, you may have to wait in a long line, HOWEVER we're giving out 20,000 free comic books, so there's bound to be some titles waiting for you!

All the comics you want to read

And if you get here early, then even better for you! Why? Because we permit you to take ONE OF EACH TITLE THAT YOU WILL READ. You read that right.

You can take one of each book that you want. While supplies last, naturally. And you should know: they last a good long time at 20,000.

Where we hide our secrets

Not only that, but we've added a bunch of brand new copies of titles that have been red hot comic books over the last few years. Sorry. It's a secret. BUT you may see something on our Instagram account before FCBD: @EmpiresComics.

OF COURSE, you'll also experience our annual FCBD Mini-Con. We're not sure which is better? Tons of free comic books or our amazing guests. Maybe you can let us know.

See you then:

Date: Saturday, May 2, 2015
DOORS OPEN AT 9 AM. The line starts whenever the first person gets here. They usually bring some folding chairs and a board game or two.

Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con 2015
Empire's Comics Vault
1120 Fulton Avenue, Suite K
Sacramento, CA

A small part of the crowd at Empire's Comics Vault's Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con 2014

Monday, April 6, 2015

Complete details for 2015 Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con


We're throwing our biggest party of the year and giving away 20,000 free comic books! Save the date and read on for complete details about May's Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) Mini-Con 2015 and Free Comic Book Month at Sacramento's Empire's Comics Vault.

Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con

The Date: Saturday, May 2, 2015
Doors open at: 9 a.m.

Free Comic Book Month
The Date: May 2015
Every Saturday: 11 a.m. (doors open)

Free Comic Book Day is a fun-filled day with free comic books, food trucks, face painters, an amazing storewide sale, a Supreme Pro Wrestling exhibition, Sac City Rollers' skaters, West Coast Avengers cosplayers, Charity raffles and lots of new friends. Savings Club Members (signed up by 12/31/2014) receive special treatment with a Members Only VIP line and FCBD Title Pre-Selection (watch for the email).

After kicking off the month with FCBD Mini-Con, the comic book freebies continue during Free Comic Book Month each and every Saturday at 11 a.m. To qualify for freebies each Saturday, you'll have to attend the previous Saturday and have your FCBD Month Punch Card punched. That will unlock more freebies the following Saturday. FCBD Month Punch Cards will be available at Empire's Comics Vault on Free Comic Book Day.

There's one exception: Savings Club Members can show up any Saturday, no questions asked. And, as usual, they'll get to stand in the Members Only VIP line.

Get the most from FCBD Mini-Con 2016 by joining our Savings Club Program by the end of this year, 12/31/15. Learn more in this post or on the Savings Program page.

FCBD Mini-Con Features and Guests

We will update this list throughout the month, including video interview links, social media links, additions/subtractions, etc. So, check back for updates.

Food Truck(s)

Wandering Boba
The Filipino and Asian cuisine food truck will help you feed your hunger! You'll also enjoy milk teas, fruit-infused teas and slushies. Connect with Wandering Boba online at WanderingBoba.com@WanderingBoba | Facebook@WanderingBoba.

More to come

Artists and Writers

Artist, Writer, Creator Dan Bethel
Dan Bethel is the creative genius team behind the web comic, Long John, found at LongJohnComic.com, soon to be released in print form at FCBD Mini-Con. Dan was also part of the dream team behind the comic book, Eben07. He's @DBethel on Twitter. Go behind the scenes with the D. Bethel interview.

Writer Kris Saldana
Los Angeles writer Kris Saldana (Facebook | Tumblr | Twitter) recently published his first graphic novel, Showcase. He's also the writer of the newspaper-style comic, Wee Little Monsters. Watch Ben interview Kris before you meet the writer.

Jeremy Rathbone - Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Jared Konopitski - JaredKonopitski.com | Facebook | Instagram
Hainanu Saulque - Nooligan.com | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Jason Dube - ScatteredComics.com
Kyrun Silva - BigTreeComics.com | Twitter: @Kyrun49 @BigTreeComics | Facebook | Instagram: @Kyrun49 @BigTreeComics
Chris Wisnia - Tabloia.com@ChrisWisnia | Facebook
Noir Amador
Eben E.B. Burgoon, B-Squad - BSquadComic.com@EraserNubs | Facebook 
Mach Yeager - MachYeager.com | Facebook

Community Groups

Supreme Pro Wrestling
SPW has been promoting wrestling in and around Northern California since 2000, and they've also trained trained wrestlers via the SPW Training Academy. Meet the wrestlers and enjoy their exhibition on site at Empire's at FCBD Mini-Con. Watch the SPW Drake Frost and Scoot interview. Get more SPW on their website and on Facebook. Follow Scoot online at Twitter and Facebook. Follow Drake Scott on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Vader's Fist: 501st Legion with Myke Soler - 501st.com@501stLegion | Facebook: Stormpoolio | Instagram: @Stormpoolio
Capeless Crusaders - David Barrie & Justin Piper - Podcast Website@TheCapelessOnes | Facebook@TheCapelessCrusaders
West Coast Avengers - AvengersHQ.comFacebook
John Marcotte, HeroicGirls.com