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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Our 11 Favorite Things at Empires in 2014

We're finally saying goodbye to 2014, and we're doing it by sharing some of our favorite things about 2014. Think of it as our 2014 Highlights reel.

Here's our list of things we were most excited about for the shop. It ranges from really simple things to really spectacular things. So, here they are... in almost no particular order.

  • Window blinds. Hey, our windows face the east and the sun gets in your eyes when it's going down. 
  • IKEA Shelving. Really, it's the consistent look that the shelves provide that we really like. Woo, it looks SO good.
  • Jenga. Or should we say, JEEEEEENNNNNNGGGAAAAAAA! What a blast! And each game lasts about 10 minutes or less. You wanna piece of Ben. Challenge him.
  • Couches. What were we thinking not getting couches WAY sooner! We're a comic shop for goodness' sake. You're supposed to be able to chill and read your comics. 
  • Graphic novel discussion club. We're liking this better than we thought we would at first. The groups vary in size and the discussions range from hilarious to thought-provoking. It's what we love about comics, reading AND talking about them.
  • The return of Empire's Art Gallery, featuring local creators and artists' works that won't break the budget (most of the time, haha). We just love seeing art up. It's magical.
Jeremy Rathbone, Featured Artist, August 2014
  • Monthly Members Only game nights, including classic games, board games, and video games. Sorry, this one is for our Comic Book Savings Club Members Only. It's our enhanced pull list saver program and it only requires one current title on the list. How do you get started? We thought you'd never ask. Read all about it.
Game night BEFORE the window blinds were installed. See what we mean?
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy movie and Empire's Movie Crew's "I am Groot" shout. OMG. HANDS DOWN THE BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR! (You wanna argue about it? We know you're thinking it was Winter Soldier...)

  • Our biggest FCBD Mini-Con so far. We distributed about 15,000 free comics and featured local comic book creators and artists who you could meet and talk to and support by picking up their creations for your own private collections.

  • Captain Dylan Hunt -- the newest edition to our family! That pug has SO much energy. Wow!

If you think 2014 was amazing, just wait until we've finished with 2015! Don't miss it. Get on our email list ay-sap, aka, asap. 

Watch for more posts about our favorite things in 2014. In the meantime, how about throwing down with some comments about your favorite things from 2014?

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