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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

14 Reasons to put one comic book title on an Empire's pull list

December 31 marks the last day to qualify for what might be the best benefit of our Comic Book Savings Program -- VIP Status at Free Comic Book Day in 2015. So, if you're thinking about it, don't hesitate, sign up with just one title on a pull list before the end of the year.

Rolly is ready for the Ugly Sweater Contest. Have you entered yet?

Besides that, our customers tell us they love Empire's Comic Book Savings Program. You might like it too.

Need 14 reasons? Ok, here's what people are saying about the program:

  1. Love the monthly benefit, but honestly I'd have a pull list anyways! Having some books set aside on FCBD was truly excellent though, so I could make sure I got some that I was really pumped about. - Alex D.
  2. Awe. Some. - Lambert W.
  3. I think it's fantastic! I never have to worry about missing out on the books I read and I'm comforted knowing that if I have to wait a while to pick 'em up, Ben totally has my back and won't put my stuff back on the shelf. Oh, and the coupons, sales, promos, etc.. why, they're the ultimate icing on the cake! - Rebecca S.
  4. So far I've enjoyed the benefits of the Saver Program, especially the short line for FBCD and the back issue sales. Anything that discounts new comics or trades will always beneficial, especially for us on a strict monthly entertainment budget. - Nathan W.
  5. I think it's really great. I love how each month it's a surprise as to what the offer is going to be. - Brian C.
  6. I have liked, and used, most of the benefits so far. - Tom
  7. The Comic Book Savings Program applies to people who have Empire save new comics for them to purchase when they come into the store. As a result of being a regular customer, we get discounts on occasion and special treatment (like pulling out our requested books on Free Comic Book Day -- awesome!). So, it definitely makes having my saver stack at Empire more worth while, if that actually is what the program is. - Ernst S.
  8. The comic book savings program is one of the better comic savings programs I've been apart of. Most require a minimum of books on your list and only offer a 5% discount on books through ur list. Empires program gives you various discounts on top of your comic list discount. Every month they email different promotions that are exclusive to members of the program, it makes me feel valued. - Josue G.
  9. It's the only way to collect comics, it keeps me from missing issues! - Patty F.
  10. I love it :) It's a great way to show you appreciate your customers! - Roshawn R.
  11. The Saving program has been cool, and it makes me feel special. It doesn't hurt that its also funny (the power girl one). - Daryl G.
  12. It's been great, ease of updating saver is the best. - Mitch
  13. With the saver I don't miss out on specials and those short print runs.  Also Ben gets to know your tastes and will slip in something that I may miss other wise. Top notch service always!  - Bill M.
  14. It is a great program. The monthly specials are a nice bonus and most always something I take advantage of. Free bags & boards also a quality perk. - Logan W.
p.s. There are only 14 days left to sign up before 12/31/14! Sign up in the shop or print a form and drop it off.

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