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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

View costume entries and get ready to vote

UPDATE 11/04/2014 10:18 PM PT: Well, well, well. Turns out some of the photos we had were lost in digital transit. But what was lost, now is found! There's a lot of competition. So get your votes ready, and better yet, get your friends ready to vote.

Ok, so here's your contests update:

  • Pumpkin Carving Contest: $65 in prizes was left on the table! We didn't receive any entries. Awwwww.
  • Costume Contest: We received three 13 entries! That means each of them is a winner. The only thing to figure out is who wins how much! So get ready to vote starting tomorrow, Wednesday, November 5 at 9:00 a.m. PT. 
    • The voting choices will be in the righthand column, here >>>

2014 Costume Contest Entries

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