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Monday, November 3, 2014

59 Days To Qualify For FCBD 2015 VIP Status

Face it.

When it comes to Free Comic Book Day, we don't hold back.

Don't believe us? Check out the photo album (shown at bottom of this post) from our May 2014 Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con.

The real scoop is this: There's the everybody line and there's the VIP Line. Which line do you want to be in?

We're already preparing for our largest attendance ever, and that includes preparing for an ultra-smooth VIP experience.

Our FCBD VIPs are our Comic Book Savings Club Members. They get a shorter line, guaranteed books, uber-convenience, and probably some new, yet-to-be-revealed benefits for Free Comic Book Days. BUT...

The program has lots of benefits 

( ^-- you can sign up here) -- not just during Free Comic Book Day, which, as you know, is really Free Comic Book MONTH at Empire's Comics Vault -- with a Mini-Con and all.

And no joke. Sign up is easy:
1. It requires only one current comic book title. 
2. Every time that title comes out, we reserve a copy for you.
3. Pick up at least once a month to stay in good standing.
4. Change the title as often as you want. Add more. Go back down to one.

Yeah. That's it.

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