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Monday, September 1, 2014

Meet the Stars of Creative Women Mini-Con 2014

Our second annual Creative Women Mini-Con celebrating the creative women of Sacramento and the surrounding area is just around the corner. We have comic book writers, painters, novelists, video editors, comics artists and more who will join us for this not-to-be-missed event.

If you tweet about our event, please use our official hashtag for this year's event: #CreativeWomen14. UPDATE 9/9: Now you can follow the Creative Women Mini-Con Twitter List. Check it out.

Our 2014 Creative Women Mini-Con Guests

Here are our guests for Empire's 2014 Creative Women Mini-Con (CWMC). There are more to be announced, so keep an eye on this post.

In the days leading up to the mini-con, each guest will be featured in an individual blog post here at EmpiresComics.com, so please check back regularly for more information about any artist you're particularly interested in. In the meantime, here's a brief introduction.

Artist, Transformers: Windblade
Sarah Stone, Artist,
Transformers: Windblade
Sarah Stone: Last week we announced Sarah Stone, artist on IDW's new Transformers: Windblade mini-series, will join us for this year's CWMC. Connect with her on Twitter at @fayren or MonsterBoysAndRobots.com (Tumblr), and give her a shoutout to let her know you're looking forward to meeting her. UPDATE: Meet Sarah Stone.

Dez Demise: This writer has some stories to tell. Follow her at @MsDezDemise on Twitter and watch here for more information about Dez. UPDATE: Meet Dez Demise.

Heather Lynn McCray: Your eyes will thank you for feasting on the works of Heather Lynn McCray. Get a sneak peek at her website, PencilJuice.com. Watch here for the blog post highlighting Heather. UPDATE: Meet Heather McCray.

Jen Monson: You've seen Jen Monson's work featured in Empire's Art Gallery. Now you'll get to meet her in person. Get more Jen Monson on Facebook, at @jenuoneart on Instagram, or at @JenMonson on Twitter. UPDATE: Meet Jen Monson.

Melissa Pagluica: We're pleased to welcome back Melissa Pagluica, who attended our first Creative Women Mini-Con in 2013. Find Melissa online at her website, Above the Clouds, on Tumblr, and on Twitter at @darksunrose. UPDATE: Meet Melissa Pagluica.

Krysten Reis: Krysten joined us for our first CWMC and is one of three creatives returning again this year. Follow Krysten on Facebook or at her website, KrystenReis.com. UPDATE: Meet Krysten Reis.

Sarah RenĂ© Straub: Returning artist, Sarah RenĂ© Straub, will join us for CWMC 2014. Preview her art on her DeviantArt site and connect with her at @SarahRStraub on Twitter  or at Tumblr or her Facebook page, Art by Sarah R. Straub. UPDATE: Meet Sara Straub.

Mandi Tremblay, Artist
Mandi Tremblay: We're excited to have Mandi Tremblay join us this year. Mandi's work can be seen on her website, PotLuckArt.com, on Tumblr, and YouTube. Connect with Mandi at @MittyMandi on Twitter or Google+ at +Mandi Tremblay. UPDATE: Meet Mandi Tremblay.

Ilana Hack: Ilana brings an impressive creative resume to our event, from freelance video editor and short film writer to painter and crafter. Get a sneak preview at her website. Tweet her at @IlanaHack to let her know you look forward to seeing her at the Creative Women Mini-Con (Hashtag: #CreativeWomen14). UPDATE: Meet Ilana Hack.

Etta Jean: Etta is a Sacramento-born fantasy writer and author of  The Chronicle Series and The Shaughnessy File. Find out more about Etta at EttaJeanFantasy.com. Connect with Etta on Twitter at @EttaJeanFantasy. UPDATE: Meet Etta Jean.

Alexis Villanueva, Artist
Alexis Villanueva: Artist and illustrator Alexis Villanueva brings the House of Doodle, her creative company, to Empire's Comics Vault for Creative Women Mini-Con. Find Alexis on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. UPDATE: Meet Alexis Villanueva.

Kristine Wendt: Kristine is an artist and the founder of Sumantra Comix. She released Caravaggio's Darkness, her original graphic novel, this year. Get ready to meet Kristine Wendt by tweeting her at @KristineArt to say hello. UPDATE: Meet Kristine Wendt.

Jasmine Ellis: This young storyteller has been crafting stories since she was an 8-year-old and recently collaborated with artist Calvin Ellis, her brother, to self-publish her own comic book, Sworn. UPDATE: Meet Jasmine Ellis.

Updated: 09/04/2014

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