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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Stocktoncon features Ben Schwartz, indie panel and Sacramento creatives

Empire's Comics Vault's owner, Ben Schwartz, will participate in an Indy Publishing Panel discussion with Justin Orr, Jusscope Press, and Hainanu Saulque, aka, Nooligan, at this weekend's Stocktoncon.

In addition to running Empire's Comics Vault, Ben also publishes comics via ECV Press.

From what we've read on the Recordnet.com article,
"Pop culture event grows to two days in third year", this is going to be two days of pop culture awesomeness -- yes, we said, "AWESOMENESS."

Break Into Indy Publishing

Attend the panel discussion, and meet and speak with Justin, Nu, and Ben on Saturday, August 9th at 12 pm in the hotel board room.

Location: Stockoncon, Stockton, CA
Date: Saturday, August 9, 2014
Time: 12:00 p.m.

Sacramento Region Local Creatives at Stocktoncon

You'll also find Empire's Comic Vault's Artist of the Month, Jeremy Rathbone, exhibiting at Stocktoncon this weekend.

Ben and Eben, writers
Ben and Eben Burgoon
Then, at 2 pm on Saturday, in the same room as Ben's panel, shop favorite Eben Burgoon will teach on the topic, "Writing with Pictures."

Saturday at 4pm be sure to check out the 501st Legion (favorites at our annual Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con) in the University Plaza Hotel Ballroom.

Jason Dube, founder of Scattered Comics and the Sacramento Comicbook Creators Group (which meets in the shop every Tuesday night at 6pm) will also host a panel at Stocktoncon. Jason and Scattered Comics are also regular favorites at our annual Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con.

The Scattered Comics panel takes place Sunday at 12 pm in the University Plaza Hotel Board Rooms. Artist Krysten Reis, a favorite at Empire's Comics Vault's annual Creative Women Mini-Con, will be a panelist in addition to several others. More information at ScatteredComics.com.

Stocktoncon Programming Schedule

Source: Stocktoncon's Facebook Page


SATURDAY -- Kings Room 1 (Stockton Arena)
11am Comics Road Show (A-1 Comics) 10:30am
12pm Garage Art Studio
1pm Cosplay/Nerd Business Panel
2pm Cosplay and Acceptance
3pm Telltale Games Voice Actors
4pm Body Painting and Cosplay (Lee Kohse)

SATURDAY Kings Room 2 (Stockton Arena)
11am -Sac Horror Film Festival
12pm - Comics in Education - John Bultena
1pm - Star Trek - Daryl Frazetti
2pm - Davidson L. Haworth
3pm - Trivia w/Zombie vs. Shark
The "Marvel Masterpiece Theater" panel scheduled for 4pm has been cancelled.

SATURDAY University Plaza Hotel Ballroom
11am - Q&A with Billy Zabka/Marty Kove
12pm - League of Legends Voice Actors
1pm -Q&A with Danny Glover
2pm - Q&A with Denise Crosby
3pm - Geek Fashion
4pm - 501st Legion/Rebel Forces/Mandolorians
5pm-7pm - Costume Contest
7pm - StocktonCon Rockage Showcase

SATURDAY University Plaza Hotel Board Rooms
11am - Lazy Bones Studios (Ken Thomas)
12pm - Independent Creators with Justin Orr, Hainanu Saulque and ECVPress' Ben Schwartz
1pm - Collecting at Cons - Shawn Marshall
2pm - Writing the Pictures with Eben Burgoon
3pm - House of Doodle
4pm - Action Lab Comics Presents


SUNDAY Kings Room 1 (Stockton Arena)
11am - JLI - Jon Guerzon
12pm - Draw Simpsons/Futurama with Tone/Bill
1pm - Draw My Little Pony with Tony Fleecs

SUNDAY Kings Room 2 (Stockton Arena)
11am Creatures & Characters of Star Trek/Star Wars
12pm Creatures & Characters of Star Trek/Star Wars
1pm Drawing Star Wars (Lee Kohse/Dan Parsons)

SUNDAY University Plaza Hotel Ballroom
11am - Kevin Gill Show w/Hacksaw Jim Duggan
12pm - Building Cosplay
1pm - Meet the StocktonCon Cosplay Guests
2pm-4pm -Kids Costume Contest

SUNDAY University Plaza Hotel Board Rooms
11am - Image Comics with Landry Walker and Justin Greenwood
12pm - Scattered Comics Presents
1pm - Go Genius Go with Michael Aushenker/Marcus Collar

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