Thursday, August 7, 2014

Empire's Art Gallery features Jeremy Rathbone in August

Artist Jeremy Rathbone
Artist Jeremy Rathbone and Boba Fett.

Artist of the Month: August 2014

Artist Jeremy Rathbone, from Sacramento, CA, will be featured in Empire’s Art Gallery for the month of August 2014, starting Tuesday, August 12.

Jeremy works in digital and acrylics and is well known for his Zombot collection. He enjoys science fiction and horror themes or a mashup of the two. He frequently displays at local galleries and conventions.

At Stocktoncon

This Saturday and Sunday he’ll exhibit at Stocktoncon, taking place at Stockton Arena. 

View more of Jeremy’s art in Empire’s Art Gallery or via @JeremyRathbone on Instagram

Watch for more information about Stocktoncon. 
One of four new prints available at Stocktoncon.
Batman by Jeremy Rathbone