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Friday, July 25, 2014

Members Only Game Night

There was nothing but video games and smiles for miles at our last members only game night. Once a month we get together to play games -- board games, card games, dice games, video games, etc. We served pizza too! Yum.

Game night fun. View all photos in FB album.

Becoming A Member Is Easy

To become a member, just start a saver. What's a saver you ask? It's basically an in-store subscription list. You give us a list of the comics that you'd like us to set aside for you. We set them aside, and you pick them up when you come in. You can add titles and remove titles any time you want to start reading or stop reading something.

To start a saver and become a member, only 1 current comic book title is required. For complete program details, visit our Savings Programs page.

Let's talk benefits

Besides members only game nights, there's a year-end member appreciation party, monthly discounts and/or free comics. The savings plus freebies can add up, making membership even more lucrative.

We're a dog friendly shopPlus, best of all, if you sign up as a member by the end of the current year and keep your account in good standing through May of the following year, you'll qualify for special members only benefits at Free Comic Book Day, including a VIP line, a power-up on the FCBD sale, FCBD title pre-selection and more.

Pictured: Store mascot Rolly, the Gaming Pug

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