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Saturday, June 14, 2014

15 Mostly Sacramento Podcasts To Check Out

Podcasting at Empire's
On our FB Page, we asked about local podcasts and you came through with quite a list! Here they are. They range from mostly geek related to horror to creatives to sports. If you come across an active Northern California podcast that should be included, let us know in the comments and we'll update the list.

In most cases we used their own podcast descriptions. If you'd like us to update your description, just let us know.

Please note: Some podcasts contain explicit material.

Active Sacramento podcasters 

  • Inside The Bucket: The official podcast of SandwichJohnFilms.com with contributors John Meneghetti and Matt Cummings (as well as special guests) who discuss the movie news, TV shows, reviews, giveaways and screening tickets. We are the largest distributor of online passes to screenings in the Northern California area. (Added 06.16.2014)
  • He’s Got Issues: Comic book news, highlights and reviews.
  • Metropolis Comix Podcast: The Metropolis Comix crew explore the hottest comics, latest comics news, and whats hot at Metropolis Comix
  • Fist Full of Potions / MultiTap Podcast: Fist Full of Potions = Gaming news and opinions. MultiTap = Gaming discussions from Now and Then.
  • Geek Life: Comics, games, movies, zombies. All that and much more.
  • Short Nerdy Guy: My name is jay and I love reading comic and drinking coffee, so I wanted to share my thoughts and my passion for these things that I love.
  • Geek Charisma: For the love of geeks, tune in.
  • The Gravy Age: Comic books, movies, and other geek news.
  • The Capeless Crusaders: Geeky goodness, news and reviews.
  • The Mouths of Madness: Horror, sic-fi, and all that.
  • cinePLEXED: A podcast about movies. Each week a bunch of fools get together and discuss the latest movie news, rumors, and trailers coming out of the world of cinema, as well as reviewing two films that we sometimes pick at random, and sometimes pick with a theme. cinePLEXED is also slowly turning into the umbrella name for our little network of podcasts, because we can’t afford to put all of our shows in their own feed.
  • The Junior & Leo Show: We explore the creative mind by talking shop with creators from a vast array of mediums. Actors, Writers, Comedians, Artists, Podcasters, Wrestlers, etc… we talk to them all!
  • SacAnnexSacramento sports, opinion, and laughs.
  • Geek Girl Crafts Podcast: We are three geek girls that love to craft and talk about our particular geek genres in excruciating detail -- from SF/F, conventions, anime, gaming, books, movies, and everything else in between. And then we'll talk more about costuming & cosplaying, fiber arts, and anything craft-related.
  • A Podcast for All Intents and Purposes: Nerdly info, fun, and happiness.
  • Empire’s Comics Vault’s Podcast, aka, Empire’s Open Podcast - Talking comic books, movies, television and other topics on the minds of the shop’s fans. 

Local podcasts on hiatus (we hope):

  • The Nerd Sharks: Um. Nerds. Talking. It gets crazy.
  • Game of Bros: This is what happens when Bros get together and talk while recording.

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