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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Our 3rd Saturday in Free Comic Book Month

All you Free Comic Book Month travelers, get your FCBMonth Passports ready! This Saturday, May 17, we have lots of great overstock back issues for you, and a few shirts for those who are first in line (and the right sizes, haha). 

FCBMonth Passports at Sacramento comic shop
Showing off FCBMonth Passports
What are overstock back issues, you ask? Well, you know all the comics that are bagged and in long boxes on wood tables in the middle of the store? Well, those are back-issues. The overstock back issues are the ones that won't fit into those boxes because there's just not enough space!

All those goodies are available while supplies last and only select titles will be available. Each Saturday, the shop opens at 11 a.m., and just like last Free Comic Book Day, there will be two lines -- one for Savings Club Members who have a comics saver at Empire's and a another line for non-members.

Next in the line up after overstock back issues and shirts: Toys, posters, and other goodies.

A month of freebies

  • May 3 - Fifty-seven different 2014 Free Comic Book Day titles
  • May 10 - Miscellaneous 2013 Free Comic Book Day and Halloween comics
  • May 17 - Shirts and overstock back issues
  • May 24 - Toys, posters, and more
  • May 31 - Trade paperbacks, collected editions, and graphic novels

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