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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Food On Fulton: Texas West Bar-B-Que

Restaurant: Texas West Bar-B-Que, 1600 Fulton Ave., 916-483-7427

Best Features: Quick (order-placing to food in hand). Generous portions.

Texas West Bar-B-Que Delicious

Looking to eat some barbecue? There are some great place in Sacramento, for sure. Texas West Bar-B-Que is close and delicious, and the portions are big enough to feed you twice. No, we didn't save any for dinner today. We gobbled it all up.

But guess what? Barbecued meats are not cheap. Good thing they give you plenty, and really, truly, there was so much food, we shared some with others. 

We had the Baby Back Ribs and Tri-Tip  Combo with beans and garlic fries and Texas toast ($20.99) and the Memphis Pulled Pork Sandwich with one side of Mac “n” Cheese ($10.99).

Food on Fulton Avenue in Sacramento
Memphis Pulled Pork Sandwich
So here are our opinions, but in case you want a few more, check out what folks have been saying about them on Yelp, or better yet, try it out.

Memphis Pulled Pork Sandwich

The pork was a little dry, so we smothered it in barbecue sauce. There! All better. Plus, the barbecue sauce is delicious. 

The bun stayed solid was not falling apart or soggy. The Mac "n" Cheese was creamy and cooked just right -- then again, mac 'n cheese is a very personal thing. Everyone seems to like it differently.

Baby Back Ribs and Tri-Tip

OMG. The baby back ribs and tri-tip were so delicious, yes, melt in your mouth delicious. So delicious, not only were they eaten by hand, but the fingers were licked clean too. The tri-tip was good plain, the way it came, although extra pepper is always a fave here. Something about the way the barbecue sauce cooked onto the ribs created an amazing experience that rose above its individual parts.

The order came with two sides of our choosing, so we went with beans and garlic fries. The garlic fries were a little tough, maybe just a wee-bit old; and the garlic fell to the bottom of the bag, so not as much garlic on each fry as we would have liked. On the plus side, the garlic was nice and garlicky. That's probably just how it goes when you take them To Go.

The beans were good and slightly sweet, the way many like it. Ronnie's preference, aka, Ron of the Empire, however, is for a smokey, savory taste. Of course, he ate them anyway.

The Texas toast suffered from being warm and in a bag, and ended up chewy, so if you take it To Go, take it out of the bag and eat it while you transport the rest of the food.

About Food On Fulton
In case you missed our review of the Mexican restaurant California Burrito, definitely check it out. We created this blog post series because we are frequently asked about places to eat nearby. We hope you enjoy the series. If there's a place on Fulton that you think we need to check out, be sure to let us know in the comments or elsewhere.

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