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Friday, May 2, 2014

FCBD 2014, May 3rd, Deals & Specials from Local creators!

Michael Dorman is doing FREE sketches for kids and Cosplayers!!!  He also has FREE prints of "TMNT," "Deadpool vs Deathstroke" and "Santa PI" available while supplies last!  Sketch Covers will be $20 for B&W & $35 for Color.

Kyrun Silva will be doing 6x6 colored sketches for kids 12 and under!  There will be a bunch of special deals when you purchase combinations of the 2 books & 2 posters he has available.

Jared Konopitski will be having special FCBD ONLY sale prices for his artwork!

Mach Yeager will be giving a FREE poster with every purchase of his new sketchbook, a FREE pin or poster with every purchase of his comic Digger Jones and anyone in Gorilla costume gets a FREE copy of Digger Jones.  He is also giving away a FREE Trixie Dynamite poster to kids or with every purchase of a Trixie comic.

Krysten Reis will have a new mini print of a Baby Appa from Avatar the Last Airbender available first here!  She also a couple great deals.  1) If you buy three of the baby TMNT prints you get one FREE.  2) If you buy her comic book "A Curious Journey" with a print, small or mini, you get a free sketch in the comic book of one of her characters.

Michael Calero will have these Ninja Turtles mini-prints for free with the purchase of a regular print!

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