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Friday, May 23, 2014

The Fourth Saturday of Free Comic Book Month

Comic book readers at Empire's Comics Vault
Last Saturday at Empire's for FCBMonth
Free Comic Book Month ALERT: It's the second-to-last Saturday of FCBMonth. You know the drill: Bring your FCBMonth Passport and get it stamped.

Last week, Ben surprised everyone with a last-minute sale. Boom! Who knows what will happen this Saturday.

This Saturday we have toys and posters and collectible cards. There's some cool stuff here that will take you back to the good old days. 

As usual, freebies are available while supplies last. 

The shop opens at 11 a.m. on Saturdays. There will be two lines -- one for Savings Club Members who have a comics saver at Empire's and a another line for non-members.

The final Saturday will be the best Saturday of them all -- free trades, collected editions and graphic novels. And there's some good stuff to feast on. Get ready.

A month of freebies

  • May 3 - Fifty-seven different 2014 Free Comic Book Day titles
  • May 10 - Miscellaneous 2013 Free Comic Book Day and Halloween comics
  • May 17 - Shirts and overstock back issues
  • May 24 - Toys, posters, and more
  • May 31 - Trade paperbacks, collected editions, and graphic novels

Monday, May 19, 2014

Ben's Cardboard Throne after FCBD Mini-Con 2014

It's not every day that one of our Facebook posts gets 152 Likes and 30 Comments. Wow! Thank you, all, for making that happen.

The post that made it happen -- Of course, it was this picture of Ben on his Cardboard Throne. You can even see his Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con afterglow! And then after this, he hit the buffet hard core.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

FCBD Teaser Video from Fist Full of Potions

It was fantastic to have podcast coverage of our Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con. Not only did we have Comics & Coffee but also that fun-tastic gents of Fist Full of Potions.

Here's the FFoP FCBD Mini-Con teaser video. Coming soon we'll have even more video goodness from Fist Full of Potions. We'll share it as soon as it becomes available. In the meantime, enjoy.

Podcasters FFoP at Sacramento comic shop

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Coming Soon: Captain Dylan Hunt The Pug

Captain Dylan Hunt the Pug
There's a new pug in town... well, ok, she's not in town yet.

But, soon.

Still, we wanted to get the word out.

And when Captain Dylan Hunt (not the real Captain Dylan Hunt) does make it into the shop, it'll be a big ole party and a sale.

So, what do you think of that?

And if you need more CDH in your life, you might want to check out Empire's Comics Vault's Facebook Page or Instagram account.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Our 3rd Saturday in Free Comic Book Month

All you Free Comic Book Month travelers, get your FCBMonth Passports ready! This Saturday, May 17, we have lots of great overstock back issues for you, and a few shirts for those who are first in line (and the right sizes, haha). 

FCBMonth Passports at Sacramento comic shop
Showing off FCBMonth Passports
What are overstock back issues, you ask? Well, you know all the comics that are bagged and in long boxes on wood tables in the middle of the store? Well, those are back-issues. The overstock back issues are the ones that won't fit into those boxes because there's just not enough space!

All those goodies are available while supplies last and only select titles will be available. Each Saturday, the shop opens at 11 a.m., and just like last Free Comic Book Day, there will be two lines -- one for Savings Club Members who have a comics saver at Empire's and a another line for non-members.

Next in the line up after overstock back issues and shirts: Toys, posters, and other goodies.

A month of freebies

  • May 3 - Fifty-seven different 2014 Free Comic Book Day titles
  • May 10 - Miscellaneous 2013 Free Comic Book Day and Halloween comics
  • May 17 - Shirts and overstock back issues
  • May 24 - Toys, posters, and more
  • May 31 - Trade paperbacks, collected editions, and graphic novels

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Movie Trailer for FCBD Mini-Con 2014

Comics & Coffee attended our Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con, captured some video, and have put together this awesome movie trailer! More footage is headed our way, and we'll be sure to share it when it's available.

Sacramento comic shop event

Friday, May 9, 2014

Free Comic Book Month Continues

Best Sacramento comics shop
At 2014 Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 10, is the first Saturday of Free Comic Book Month. Bring your FCBMonth Passport! That will get you in the door for more comic book freebies.

Each Saturday, the shop opens at 11 a.m. and there will be two lines -- one for Savings Club Members who have a comics saver at Empire's and a another line for non-members. Free items are available while supplies last.

Make sure to get your FCBMonth Passport stamped so that you can access even more freebies on Saturday, May 17. And keep in mind, that freebies will get better and better each Saturday!

A month of freebies

  • May 3 - Fifty-seven different 2014 Free Comic Book Day titles
  • May 10 - Miscellaneous 2013 Free Comic Book Day and Halloween comics
  • May 17 - Shirts and overstock back issues
  • May 24 - Toys, posters, and more
  • May 31 - Trade paperbacks, collected editions, and graphic novels

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Give Big Sacramento

UPDATE 05.13.2014: Sacramento citizens raised more than $3,000,000 during the 24 hours of Big Day of Giving on May 6, 2014! Congratulations, and thank you all for participating!

May has been amazing for us. Just look at what we've experienced so far this month:
GiveBigDOGFor three days in a row it's been all about our own enjoyment. Now today, May 6, 2014, we have the opportunity to show our pride as citizens of Sacramento. At midnight, May 6, the Big Day of Giving started.

How To Participate In Big Day of Giving

Empire's Comics Vaults store mascot
Oh, yeah, GiveBigDOG.
Big Day of Giving is a chance to become more familiar with our local nonprofits and a chance to support them by means of our donations. Our goal as a city is to give ONE MILLION DOLLARS in this 24-hour period. To participate, check out the list of participating nonprofits, click on the name of the organization you'd like to support, and then donate in any amount you can.

We hope everyone will consider giving to a cause you believe in whether it's literacy, the arts, homelessness, conservation, etc.

There's quite a conversation around this topic on Twitter using the hashtag, #GiveBigDOG... but as you can see from the picture below, not everyone thinks that's the best hashtag to use.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Ben's Tips for Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con

Sacramento comics shop owner
Ben's tips for Free Comic Book Day
Click the picture to go straight to EmpiresCV.tv to watch Ben's quick video. Or just read it right here.

Do FCBD Mini-Con Right!

1. Get here early. Bring a chair for a more comfortable wait, since the line is usually long by 8 am (We open at 9am). Hang out. Talk comics. 
2. Back issues ridiculously low in price.
3. Bring your FCBD titles checklist. Get the full comic book checklist or the kids' comics list.
4. Bring a friend. Bring your kids.
5. Check out all the amazing artists, writers, creators and other groups on our Mini-Con.

Bonus Mini-Con Tips

1. Enter for a chance to win an awesome prize package. Enter to win some cool comic book swag, some statues, and more. It's a buck to enter, and all the funds raised will be split between two great organizations -- Shriner's Hospital for Children and Hero Initiative. Get your fundraiser tickets at the entrance to the FCBD line or at the Tiki Bar.

2. Enter for a chance to win more prizes. Take pictures and post them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Use #EmpiresComics and #FCBDSacramento in your post to enter our contest. We'll be giving away $10 coupons for back issues all month long. Photo must be taken on 5/3/2014 at Empire's Comics Vault's Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con. Read the complete rules.

3. To enter Diamond Comic Distributor's Contest for a chance to win $50 at your favorite store, just follow their instructions:
  • Post pictures of your Free Comic Book Day to our Facebook page and Twitter to be entered to win a $50 gift certificate to your local comic shop! By posting your pictures to our Facebook wall and tweeting to our Twitter page (@freecomicbook) using #fcbd, you are entered for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to our local comic book shop. Click HERE for contest rules.

Free Comic Book Day Tips for Savings Club Members

  1. Use the VIP line that's exclusively for Savings Club Members. The wait last year was only 5-7 minutes in the VIP line. This year, you get to bring one guest with you into the VIP line.
  2. Hit the sale first. Since you can use the VIP line, you might want to hit the sale first in order to make sure you get what you want before we run out.
  3. Pick up pre-selected books within 10 days of FCBD. If you qualified to pre-select 10 FCBD titles, make sure and pick them up within 10 days of FCBD.
  4. Power-up! Be sure to check your email for a Member's Only Power-up! It was sent on May 1.

FCBD 2014 Photo Contest

It's simple. Take pictures at our FCBD Mini-Con event, post them on Instagram or Twitter, tag them with #EmpiresComics AND #FCBDSacramento, and you'll be entered to win a $10 coupon for back issues. Read the complete rules below.

FCBD 2014, May 3rd, Deals & Specials from Local creators!

Michael Dorman is doing FREE sketches for kids and Cosplayers!!!  He also has FREE prints of "TMNT," "Deadpool vs Deathstroke" and "Santa PI" available while supplies last!  Sketch Covers will be $20 for B&W & $35 for Color.

Kyrun Silva will be doing 6x6 colored sketches for kids 12 and under!  There will be a bunch of special deals when you purchase combinations of the 2 books & 2 posters he has available.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Food On Fulton: Texas West Bar-B-Que

Restaurant: Texas West Bar-B-Que, 1600 Fulton Ave., 916-483-7427

Best Features: Quick (order-placing to food in hand). Generous portions.

Texas West Bar-B-Que Delicious

Looking to eat some barbecue? There are some great place in Sacramento, for sure. Texas West Bar-B-Que is close and delicious, and the portions are big enough to feed you twice. No, we didn't save any for dinner today. We gobbled it all up.

But guess what? Barbecued meats are not cheap. Good thing they give you plenty, and really, truly, there was so much food, we shared some with others. 

We had the Baby Back Ribs and Tri-Tip  Combo with beans and garlic fries and Texas toast ($20.99) and the Memphis Pulled Pork Sandwich with one side of Mac “n” Cheese ($10.99).

Food on Fulton Avenue in Sacramento
Memphis Pulled Pork Sandwich
So here are our opinions, but in case you want a few more, check out what folks have been saying about them on Yelp, or better yet, try it out.

Memphis Pulled Pork Sandwich

The pork was a little dry, so we smothered it in barbecue sauce. There! All better. Plus, the barbecue sauce is delicious. 

The bun stayed solid was not falling apart or soggy. The Mac "n" Cheese was creamy and cooked just right -- then again, mac 'n cheese is a very personal thing. Everyone seems to like it differently.

Baby Back Ribs and Tri-Tip

OMG. The baby back ribs and tri-tip were so delicious, yes, melt in your mouth delicious. So delicious, not only were they eaten by hand, but the fingers were licked clean too. The tri-tip was good plain, the way it came, although extra pepper is always a fave here. Something about the way the barbecue sauce cooked onto the ribs created an amazing experience that rose above its individual parts.

The order came with two sides of our choosing, so we went with beans and garlic fries. The garlic fries were a little tough, maybe just a wee-bit old; and the garlic fell to the bottom of the bag, so not as much garlic on each fry as we would have liked. On the plus side, the garlic was nice and garlicky. That's probably just how it goes when you take them To Go.

The beans were good and slightly sweet, the way many like it. Ronnie's preference, aka, Ron of the Empire, however, is for a smokey, savory taste. Of course, he ate them anyway.

The Texas toast suffered from being warm and in a bag, and ended up chewy, so if you take it To Go, take it out of the bag and eat it while you transport the rest of the food.

About Food On Fulton
In case you missed our review of the Mexican restaurant California Burrito, definitely check it out. We created this blog post series because we are frequently asked about places to eat nearby. We hope you enjoy the series. If there's a place on Fulton that you think we need to check out, be sure to let us know in the comments or elsewhere.

Listen to Stan Lee and come to Free Comic Book Day

Oh, yeah, that's Stan Lee.

In case you weren't absolutely sure that the comics on Free Comic Book Day are 100% free, we thought for sure you'd believe Stan "The Man" Lee.

After all, he his high credibility since he created so many of the characters you love and especially because he's had so many cameos in the all the cool Marvel movies.

Just click his photo and you'll be taken to his vid about FCBD and a playlist of our FCBD Mini-Con promo vids.

Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con 2014

Date: Saturday, May 3, 2014
Time: 9:00 am

Big sale!
Amazing guests!
Read the overview!

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