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Friday, April 25, 2014

Shane Murphy showcasing Birdland on FCBD 2014!

Birdland is a 24 page issue, black and white comic book series written and illustrated by Shane Matthew Murphy. It is set amidst the final moments of that decade of opulence referred to by F. Scott Fitzgerald as the “Jazz Age”, and the emerging terror and misery of the Great Depression.

The story itself is an exploration of personal failure, contrition and redemption played out against a backdrop of economic collapse and the struggle to restore stability to a nation crippled by fear.

While specifically written as a crime noir, Birdland is also heavily rooted in music, art and religious history, with a back story spanning three centuries to the Baroque period, the Counter-Reformation, and the origins of Opera.

Meet Shane Matthew Murphy at Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con

You'll be amazed by art in this book. Pick up a copy, meet the artist/writer, and explore the world of Birdland.

Additionally you'll be able to select free titles from our selection of FCBD titles. We're giving out more than 15,000 free comics. Yes, totally free.

Join us Saturday, May 3, 2014, at 9 am for a day full of comics, fun, art, wrestling, cosplay and more. We call it our Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con.


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