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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con 2014 is Saturday May 3rd

UPDATE 04/30/2014: Doors open at 9 am. We're expecting a huge turnout. Even heard some are going to get in line an hour or more early. Just sayin'.

UPDATE 04/28/2014: There's an amazing comic book sale for Free Comic Book Day that you won't want to miss. Read all about it.

It is that time of year again. FCBD is only a month away and we have even more planned this year than any other year.

Our Best Comic Book Mini-Con Yet!

As always we will have a Mini-Con with some of Sacramento's best and most creative people. The Sac City Rollers will be here! The 501st Legion! Live Video & podcasts you can be part of! 15,000+ comics to give away for FREE! We will also have Supreme Pro Wrestling in the parking lot, with a full size ring, performing from 9am-11am.

This is going to be the best FCBD so far.  Stay tuned for the full details!


Hainanu Saulque - Artist and writer of Union St. Choir

Jared Konopitski - Painter and comic creator

Kyrun Silva - Writer and artist of the new indy title Shaman's Destiny

Michael Dorman - Thrillbent artist and artist for Moonstone's "Black Bat and Domino Lady - The Seer Stone"

Mach Yeager - Artist and writer for Digger Jones Adventurer and artist for John Solo: Secret Agent

Jason Dube - Writer, artist and publisher with Scattered Comics. He has worked on such titles as Scattered, Panda Days, Caffeine Poisoned, and Shadow Hunters.

Chris Cinder - Painter, designer and sculptor with themes that run from Star Wars to Cthulhu and toys with a superhero theme.

Felic Perez Jr. - Inker for the Dark Horse's Never Ending and Penciler for Trixie Dynamite.

Krysten Reis - Writer and artist for the new comic Curious Journey and cover artist for Trixie Dynamite

Sac City Roller - Our official Roller Derby team will be down here with info on their bouts and of of course on their skates.

501st - Everyone's favorite Star Wars group will be down with Storm Troopers and other SWU characters.

Supreme Pro Wrestling - A wrestling ring will be setup in the parking lot where Sir Samurai, Joe DeSoul, Dexter St Jock, D Torch and Bobby Hart will be wrestling from 9-11am.

Fist Full of Potions (podcast) - Local Gaming and geek podcast will be here recording live and talking to guests and fans alike.

Comics and Coffee - Jay Wheeler and ArtOf Fredrick-Allison Jr will be down doing live videos of the event and talking to guests and fans alike.

Richard Curtze - Local artist who has worked with ECV Press and loves to do sketch covers.

Hero Initiative - Helping Comic Creators in Need.

West Coast Avengers - Cosplay helping to raise money for the Shriners Hospital.

Timothy Green -Artist for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and more.

Eric Nguyen - Has worked for DC and Marvel and currently works on Dark Horse's X.

John Cottrell - An independent comic creator who has done work for Dark Horse.

Shane Murphy - Artist and writer for Birdland.

Michael Calero -Local artist will have plenty of great prints for sale.

Melissa McCommon- Artist and Writer for Carnation, Caffine Poisoned and Epic Chaos with a wwwkly web comic as well.

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