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Friday, April 25, 2014

Food On Fulton: California Burrito

#26 Chorizo and Eggs
Restaurant: California Burrito, 1300 Fulton Avenue

Distance: Walking 5 min. on the corner of Fulton and Hurley at the 7-11 gas station

Best Features: Open 24 hours, Drive Thru

Quick & Cheap

If you're in a hurry and pinching pennies, we recommend this quick, inexpensive Mexican food source. It's hard to beat cheap, quick, close, and generous portions.
Lots of food

Now if you take a look at their Yelp reviews, you'll get a variety of opinions about the food. We enjoyed the breakfast foods we had -- machaca with eggs, and chorizo with eggs. Each plate cost $5.75.

Both came with beans, rice, tortillas and red and green salsa. The beans, rice, tortillas, and salsa were plain and tasty. The chorizo was a bit salty for our taste, but still ok. We liked the machaca much better.

Tastes Good Cold

#27 Machaca and Eggs
Naturally, because of the generous portions we received, we saved half for lunch. Guess what? It tastes good cold. We didn't even mind the chorizo's saltiness when it was cold. Just seemed right.

Now, all this being said, if you're looking for Mexican food to die for, watch for future posts.

Food On Fulton

Ok, in case you're wondering what this is all about... We often get questions about where to eat near the store. We thought we'd help you out with some ideas. We'll always highlight what's positive about each location, so be sure to listen to what we're saying and what we're not saying. If we consider a place absolutely terrible, we won't even bother writing a post about it, so don't worry about us steering you totally wrong. 

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