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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fist Full Of Potions Podcasting Live at FCBD 2014!

Fist Full of Potions (FFoP) is a Sacramento area video game focused website, dedicated to bringing a unique brand of humor and analysis to the world of gaming.

Read on to learn more about Fist Full of Potions, including their appearance at Free Comic Book Day and an exclusive interview with these amazing podcasters (and while you're at it, remember to check out Empire's Comics Vault's podcast, aka, Empire's Open Podcast).

At Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con

They'll be joining Empire's Comics Vault on Saturday, May 3, for our annual Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con where they'll podcast in the shop. Maybe you'll get a chance to join them!

About FFoP

Everything they produce is done in their free time, in-between our day jobs and personal lives. Everything is funded out of pocket and no profit is received for their efforts. Now that's passion!

For FFoP, this is a way to gain experience in video game journalism and an outlet for their passion. Whatever the reason may be, they're joined forces because of their love for video games. While they don’t expect to be the next big thing in video game journalism, they constantly strive to leave their own unique mark on the Internet.

Everyone on the FFoP team has grown up with some sort of interest in comics. Whether it's following the Marvel and/or DC weeklies or whether it's catching strips from the Sunday paper occasionally. Video games only help to preserve their passion for comics by giving them a new way to experience the comics they love, f
rom games like Maximum Carnage on the Super Nintendo to more modern interpretations of these characters like Ultimate Alliance.

These games allow FFoP to become the heroes that they've read about for years -- and let's not forget games like Marvel vs. Capcom or Injustice! Finally the school yard argument of "who would win in a fight" can be realized in a digital form.

The Fist Full Of Potions Interview

Empire's: Describe your creative process.

FFoP: Chaos. When you look out Fist Fist of Potions you see a simple independent blog that produces new content weekly. When you look behind the curtain though, you see the stock market. This is partially due to the team being spread out across the country (as far as Chicago) and everyone's different schedule. Organizing, planning and producing is typically done on the fly. In a lot of cases projects are completed by different people at different times. It makes for frantic creative process but, it gets results. Often times I wonder how we even get anything done, but we do and that's part of the FFoP magic.

Empire's: Where do you draw inspiration? What drives you?

FFoP: People. Everyone who works with Fist Full of Potions has some sort of retail experience and we've seen how there are still people who don't fully grasp or understand the video game industry and its various outlets. The ESRB, violence in video games and the classic "you should be outside" are all topics we like to help educate people on when we have the opportunity to. When there is an informational need in the gaming community, it becomes an engaging challenge to answer the call of that and respond to it as only we feel we can!

Empire's: Why do you love what you do?

FFoP: Because we get to share our expertise on a topic with people who want to learn more. We get to critically analyze a topic and come to greater understanding of it. Most importantly though, we get to hang with our friends and share our love and passion for an industry that so many others appreciate.

Empire's: What are you doing special for our Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con?

FFoP: We will be attempting to podcast, live stream, and everything that we do pre-recorded live. Its going to be a learning experience, but we are excited to get out there and interact with other people who love the things we love.

Empire's: Favorite comic book or comic book movie?

FFoP: The Rocketeer, because hell yes we want a rocket pack!

Empire's: When you're doing what you do, what CD or artist do you listen to?

FFoP: We produce a lot of audio-driven content. In most cases we are listening to the audio from the project; However, when we get a chance to work quietly, it's very diverse. The team has a very eclectic taste in music that spans just about every genre. That being said, the correct answer is the soundtrack to Shatter.

Empire's: What's are 1-3 things you've learned from doing what you do?


1. It's a lot more work than it looks like.
2. It's not as fun as it looks from the other side when you first start out. Then it becomes as fun as it looks from the other side once everything falls into place.
3. Landing an interview with a known developer isn't as hard as it seems. In fact, it's just a matter of asking.

Empire's: What do you love about Sacramento?

FFoP: It's simple and vast. Sacramento has just about everything you need and if it's not here? It's only 2 hours away. Sand, snow, rain, heat any type of weather is just an hour or so away. Surfing, Rock Climbing, Wine Tasting, Skiing... it's all there. Now, if we could only find the time to do it ... ;)

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