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Monday, March 17, 2014

Diamond Comics Interviews Ben

Ben Schwartz by Junior Bruce
Diamond Comics recently interviewed Ben about how he does things around the shop. The interview will be shared by Diamond with shop owners across the country.

If you've ever wondered about some of the internal aspects at Empire's Comics Vault, then you'll enjoy these excerpts.

Interview Excerpt

"We start planning for FCBD January 1st. The first thing we do is review everything that was done the previous year to make sure it all worked smoothly and refine if necessary. Just to keep things fun for the attendees we always add something more to make this year’s FCBD even better. Once we determine what it is that we are adding we begin contacting everyone who will be part of the event to allocate space and to begin promotion. 
For the entire month of May we continue the fun of FCBD each Saturday with FCBD Month. We use this as an opportunity to bring in customers on a weekly basis because if you miss a weekend you no longer qualify to participate in the next Saturday. Through the year we stockpile goodies such as posters, cards, Halloween comics, left over FCBD books from previous years, buttons and other fun stuff and each weekend has theme of Free stuff to give away. 
Each year we give out over 15,000 comics, have a mini-con that features artists, writers, local groups and clubs, derby girls and co-players come down, a fire engine is there for the kids and we have raffles and contests."

So are you as excited about Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) 2014 as we are? Did you notice that bit about "we always add something more to make this year's FCBD even better"? Follow us on our various social networks to make sure you hear about what that is this year.
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