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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Vote Today: Ben Affleck as Batman? What?

As soon as we heard the news, we put a poll in the field. So far, public opinion is down. Of course, there's only a few votes so far (although, overall, the fans have spoken already), so who knows how our little poll will end up. The comments are good, too, so be sure to read them.

You can use the sliding scale below to add your vote!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Great Big Giant SALE on August 10 Plus Second Saturday Event

This Saturday, August 10, you'll enjoy the following SALE PRICES! Don't miss out!

  • 25% off completely restocked BACK ISSUES! Thousands of new back issues will be available.
  • 15% off regular and already reduced priced STATUES
  • *NEW*: Bring the kids in for the sale and they'll receive pricing from Rolly's Comic Book Reading Club for Children! In this new program, new and back issues on the children's shelf are always available at 20% off cover price. Get more details and sign up your children at the shop!
  • Comic Book Savings Program Members, earlier this month we sent you a special coupon as your August 2013 Member Benefit! Check your email for it, or mention it to Ben at the TikiBar upon check out to take advantage of it.

Melissa Pagluica at Creative Women Mini-Con 2013

Tomorrow, Saturday, August 10, we're excited to have local artist Melissa Pagluica return to Empire's Comics Vault as a guest at our Creative Women Mini-Con 2013 event. Melissa last joined us at our Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con 2013 event last May.

Meet Local Artist Melissa Pagluica

Melissa Pagluica is a freelance illustrator based in Sacramento. She loves to work both traditionally and digitally.

Kristi "Batz" Zerga at Creative Women Mini-Con 2013

We're pleased to have Kristi "Batz" Zerga with us at our Creative Women Mini-Con 2013 on Saturday, August 10.

Meet Kristi Zerga

Kristi is co-owner of LEGENDS of Heroes & Villains and LHV Publishing, which publishers several different titles, including its main title, “Kitty & Batz,” a dark comedy about two homicidal adolescents.

Kelsey Suan at Creative Women Mini-Con 2013

Meet Fine Artist Kelsey Suan

Kelsey Suan is a Fine Artist and Illustrator. Her works tell a visual story and tend to have a dark atmosphere.

She has shown her work in multiple galleries including the Union Hall Gallery, The Artisan, and the E Street Gallery.

Face Off Season 3 Winner Nicole Chilelli at Creative Women Mini-Con 2013

We're excited to announce that Nicole Chilelli, winner of Face Off (Season 3), will be a guest at our Creative Women Mini-Con 2013 this Saturday.

About Nicole Chilelli

At an early age Nicole had an interest in all types of art -- painting, drawing, sculpting etc. The older she became the stronger her love for horror and Halloween grew. Each Halloween she'd set up her house with props she had made in order to scare the neighborhood kids. Eventually, she took Halloween makeup class and then realized she had found the thing she wanted to do in life.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

ECV Press Cover Artist Krysten Reis at Creative Women Mini-Con 2013

Krysten Reis can't imagine life without art. She is a recent graduate from the Art Institute of Sacramento with a bachelor’s degree and an experienced 2D animator, concept artist, and illustrator.

Immediately after graduating, she began working at a start up game company and has done work with Sigil Stone, Stigma Games, Ink Game Studios, and Gunwale Games. Now she is pursuing her dream of working in comics and does freelance work.

No Life Without Art

Sarah René Straub at Creative Women Mini-Con 2013

Sarah René Straub is an independent comic artist, freelance illustrator, concept designer and colorist.

Empire's Comics Vault Welcomes Sarah Straub to the Creative Women Mini-Con 2013

A passionate artist from an early age, Sarah would transform every scrap of paper into her own personal canvas -- so much so, in fact, that her parents had to hide important papers from her!

Internet Darlings Power Girl and Huntress at Creative Women Mini-Con

We're excited to announce that Power Girl and Huntress will make a special appearance at our Creative Women Mini-Con. Be sure to get your photo with these young wonders!

Meet "Huntress" Anya and "Power Girl" Stella

In 2012 Anya and Stella entered costume contests and won. Then an artist sketched them in costume and the sketch and photo hit many of the major blogs!

Needless to say, it's a real privilege to have them with us on Saturday. Best of all, they're both avid comic book readers. Be sure to ask them about their favorite reads and heroines. Plus, ask them about their next costumes.

Meet them both at our Creative Women Mini-Con 2013:
Date: Saturday, August 10, 2013
Time: 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

TheSpyderDuster Heather Jaeger at Creative Women Mini-Con 2013

Sacramento creator/artist
Heather Jeager
Heather Jaeger, renowned online as "TheSpyderDuster," will join our line-up of creative women at this Saturday's Creative Women Mini-Con 2013.

Meet Sacramento Artist Heather Jaeger

Heather is the creator-artist of "Legends of Katainia: The White Dragon Warrior," a comic book series published by Scattered Comics of Sacramento. In an interview at Scattered Comics, she describes Legends of Katainia as "a war epic between an ancient alien race and the Devil" and a "mix of swords, magic, space ships, angels, demons, and of course who couldn’t resist- vampires." She most recently showed at Stockton-Con 2013.

Artist-Writer Melissa McCommon at Creative Women Mini-Con 2013

Melissa McCommon, Artist/Writer
Melissa McCommon is a self-taught artist and comic book writer. Growing up in Vacaville, California, Melissa was a child who struggled with reading, however, by means of comic books, she taught herself to read. Since then, she has loved the comic book medium.

Melissa learned to read with comic books

After self publishing her first comic book "Carnation," Melissa was hired by Scattered Comics to draw for the studio's comic "Caffeine Poisoned." You can find Melissa's books at Empire's Comics Vault on the Local Shelf. Ask Ben to help you find them.

Melissa keeps herself busy with her on-going webcomic "Epic Chaos!" Melissa attends conventions in California regularly and is also a co-panelist with Creative Women Mini-Con creator-artist Heather Jaeger, giving artist/writer help in their panel series "From Fan to Creator!

Meet Melissa at Creative Women Mini-Con 2013
Date: Saturday, August 10, 2013
Time: 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Multitalented Creative Erminia Saucedo At Creative Women Mini-Con 2013

Comic book fanatic. Actress. Proud Latina. Geek Girl. Co-writer, editor and manager of the upcoming fantasy comic series The Gilbertine Chronicles. Her friends call her Minnie.

Meet Erminia Saucedo

Erminia is ecstatic to be making her debut onto the small press scene side-by-side with her dudebro and creative partner StephenNickel.

Currently pursuing an AA Degree in legal studies at American River College, Erminia's true passion lies in voice acting and theater.

Sacramento Artist Catherine Suan at Creative Women Mini-Con 2013

Catherine Suan, Sacramento Artist

Meet Sacramento Artist Catherine Suan

We're proud to have with Sacramento artist Catherine Suan at this Saturday's Creative Women Mini-Con 2012. Catherine is a Sacramento native whose expressive style has earned her recognition on numerous fronts.

In high school, Japanese anime and manga comics fascinated her and continues to influence her current style, featuring big expressive eyes or little kawaii -- "cute" in Japanese -- characters. Her work often displays whimsical and surreal elements with splashes of color that make each piece pop.

Catherine's work has shown at local galleries such as the Artisan gallery, E Street gallery, and American River’s Kaneko Gallery. She was also a featured artist in the Sojourner Truth Museum. Now she adds to her resume our Creative Women Mini-Con here at Empire's Comics Vault.