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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sacramento's Girl Power Superheroes Getting Love from The Mary Sue, Gail Simone and Watch TV With Me

Girls read comic books too. We're over-our-heads excited that these photos are making the rounds on comic reader's blogs and tumble blogs, including the following notables:

And you know what! They deserve it. They both love comics, and their discerning parents try to expose them to the reading and art contained in comics. One things their parents would appreciate is more comics for children, and especially, comics that portray girls and women in a manner appropriate for their girls to enjoy.

There's certainly a market for those kinds of comic books. Let's see who fills that gap.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dan Lopez Wins Caption Contest

Congratulations to Dan Lopez for winning best caption in our contest. Even though he was the only entry, his caption did make us laugh out loud.

Here's the caption and the picture:

"150 Twinkies, 12 Cupcakes, 2 Snowballs, 0 Shame"