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Friday, October 26, 2012

New Comic Book Savings Program Starts January 2013

Update 10/30/2012: Detailed program information and an FAQ are now available.

Every week folks come in to buy new comic books -- and they're not part of our comic book saver program. But so what, it's not like our program has been that spectacular. For the uninitiated, a comic book saver is a list of the titles you'd like held for you each week by your favorite comic shop. This ensures that you don't miss an issue due to low print rates or hot titles selling out. Of course, with those saved titles, you'll get free bags and boards to protect your books; but again, so what! After all we're already known as the store who gives free bags and boards to anyone buying titles from the shelf of current titles.

Announcing Our New and Improved Comic Book Savings Program

Special: Sign up for our new program in November or December 2012 and you'll qualify for Advanced Title Selection for Free Comic Book Day 2013 (FCBD). For more information on that, see #7 below.

Our new program gives you plenty of reasons to sign up. We've even included a link to download the new form at the bottom of this post. Ok. So. Here's 9 Reasons:
  1. Signing bonus. You'll get a 10% discount when you sign up. Use it on that purchase or your next one.
  2. There's no obligation. Signing up is free. You're never obligated to buy a title you don't want to read anymore. Also, if you try the program and it's not a perfect fit, you can go back to picking out your favorite titles on your own every week.
  3. Free comic books.  How about one free comic of your choice? Then next a free comic we think you might want to give a shot. Another month, we'll give you a coupon for one free book for a friend.
  4. Exclusive member events. Party. Eat. Drink. Be Merry (or Pippin). Meet other pop culture enthusiasts. Get first rights on invitations to events with special comic book guests.
  5. Previews magazine at 50% off -- Always. It's the thick comic book catalog that comes out each month. It'll help you keep up on what's coming up from your favorite artists, writers, and publishers in the months ahead.
  6. Special members only savings. We have some amazing sales for special occasions. Unfortunately there aren't special occasions every month. In those months, you'll could receive a discount coupon that let's you pick your own day for your own special occasion and comic book savings.
  7. FCBD Advanced Title Selection. If there's a comics fan holiday, this is it. There's usually upwards of 50 free titles -- yes, totally free -- on the 1st Saturday in May each year. Best of all, Empire's Comics Vault celebrates this day by letting fans take 1 of each of those titles if they want. That means really, really long lines and a long wait. But not for you! What if you could get in an hour early? What if your line were shorter? What if you could select some titles a month before the event, have us pull them for you, and then pick them up at your convenience on or after FCBD? We're working out a way to beat the line!
  8. Annual Saver Sale. At least once a year, we'll throw a sale just on the items in your saver -- and were not talking about a measley 10% off. It'll be worth your while.
  9. Something new every month. If eight isn't enough, how about twelve? Each and every month, there will be something new and delightful headed your way. 
So what's the hold up? Print out this form and bring it in. Or complete one in the store.

Saver_Form_2012-2013.pdf Download this file

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