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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Welcome Two New Podcasts to Sacramento -- Geek Charisma and Pizza Party

If you've missed our podcast, we apologize. We're deep in the throes of preparing for Free Comic Book Day. We returning to our podcast by sharing some Lost Episodes from back in the day when we would take hours and hours to edit and enhance the audio. Now, we typically, just go with what was recorded, so you hear it right after we record.
(Incidentally, in case you missed it, Free Comic Book Day is this amazing Geek Holiday that takes place every year on the first Saturday of May. In case you hadn't heard, we turned it into a Mini-Con this year.)
We're excited to welcome Pizza Party podcast and Geek Charisma podcast to the Sacramento podcasting scene.
After the Avengers vs. X-Men party we had at Empire's Comics Vault, Jake DeSersa and Joshua Cargain, members of the Sacramento punk rock band Seeker, decided to pull the trigger on this podcast idea that they'd been kicking around. Patrick Clarke is a permanent co-host, and probably one of Sacramento's top podcast guests.
Patrick can also be heard on Sacramento's Nerd Sharks podcast and Empire's Open Podcast. On the Pizza Party podcast, you'll hear Patrick talks about indie titles in a segment of the show called "Patty's Indie Corner."

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con at Empire's Comics Vault

Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) is one of the best Geek Holidays ever! If you’ve attended our Free Comic Book Day event in the past, then you know we’ve always featured a handful of local artists who sketch for the kids. This year, however, we’ve super-powered our Free Comic Book Day so much that we’re calling it our FCBD Mini-Con.

DATE: Saturday, May 5, 2012 at 9 a.m.

Not only are we giving away more than 10,000 free comics, but we’ve also invited many of Sacramento’s most talented individuals to showcase what they do. This includes local comic book creators, artists, writers and local groups, like Supreme Pro Wrestling, SacGeeks.com, and Sac Comedy Spot.

And now, FIVE reasons this year’s FCBD Mini-Con at Empire’s Comics Vault is the best ever:

1. 42 free titles for this year’s Free Comic Book Day. Take one of each as long as you plan to read it.
2. $1 OFF Coupon for the June 3 Sac-Con
3. Firefighters (at 11 a.m.) – Bring a camera!
4. Exclusive FCBD books and more from Sacramento’s finest local talent
5. One of the best SALEs of the year:
        75% OFF their hefty inventory of back issues;
35% OFF Toys, Games, Statues, Posters;
25% OFF Graphic Novels, Wall Comics & Variants; and
50% OFF the Kid’s Comics section of comic books for the kiddies.

Check out the books in this year’s line up of more than 40 free comics: FreeComicBookDay.com.

On Saturday, May 5, Empire’s Comics Vault is hosting a FCBD Mini-Con with an amazing line-up of locals -- and they have the promo videos to prove it! Here’s who you’ll find at the Sacramento comic shop that day:

Noir Amador is a prolific Sacramento artist who will be giving out his all ages mini-comic for Free Comic Book Day.     

Cartoonist, comedian and podcast Junior Bruce will be hand to show his work and to give out his 2012 Free Comic Book Day coloring book.

Daniel Bethel and Eben Burgoon’s Eben 07 tells the tales of the spy world’s “covert custodian -- espionage janitor.” Enjoy Eben07 in print and online.

Plotless Comics is the creation of Matt Marchetti and Cory Patten. They’ve been drawing Rabbit-Walrus and Sadocat since 1992.

Jason Dube of Scattered Comics will attend along with three Scattered Comics Studios’ artists. He will also debut a Scattered Comics Sampler, courtesy of RA Comics printers, for 2012 Free Comic Book Day.

Comics writer Cameron Brewer will represent ECV Press at the Empire’s FCBD Mini-Con. Explore ECV Press’ five different comic book titles and chat with Cameron on Free Comic Book Day. Read more of his works online.

You’ll enjoy the art of Thomas Overbai of Fallen Sun Asylum. Meet Thomas and take home some of his gorgeous art.

Concept artist and 2D animator Krysten Reis will be in attendance to share her work.

Neill Brengettsey is a veteran comic book artist who has worked at Marvel, DC Comics, Image Comics, Hasbro and Scattered Comics.

At the Mini-Con, Melissa McCommon will feature her self-published comic book, “Carnation,” and accept donations to bring copies of Carnation and the love of comics to her young fans at a children’s hospital. Learn more about her web comic, Epic Chaos, and meet Melissa at Empire’s FCBD Mini-Con.

Yolante Charles of Ceephor Studios will show her gorgeous anime related art, available as prints, key chains, etc. “Yola” has also done work for Scattered Comics’s Panda Shorts.

We’re proud to have Neil Reihle for his first ever public appearance. Neil will be giving out a special Free Comic Book Day release that is currently in the works.

John Cottrell will be featuring a special Grim Law ashcan at Empire’s FCBD Mini-Con.

Mark MachMann’s recently collaborated on The Yowling Anthology of Random & Neato Stories. Signed copies will be available at the Mini-Con.

Hainanu Saulque grew up on a small reservation in Benton, CA. He spent his youth fighting off Indian folk tale monsters and defeated them all. After many adventures, he decided to follow his souls' desire and draw until the monsters try and take their revenge... Today is not that day. Enjoy more of Nu's work online at Nooligan.com.

Sacramento native Craig Glenn will showcase his artistic works. The only thing Craig loves more than comics might possibly be drawing comics.

You'll have fun with funny man and artist Mike Gray, Pencil for Hire. Mike has a wide array of experience, from animated series pitches, Flash animation, background layouts & paintings, music, sfx, voice-over, and animated e-card creation.

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