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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sacramento's Girl Power Superheroes Getting Love from The Mary Sue, Gail Simone and Watch TV With Me

Girls read comic books too. We're over-our-heads excited that these photos are making the rounds on comic reader's blogs and tumble blogs, including the following notables:

And you know what! They deserve it. They both love comics, and their discerning parents try to expose them to the reading and art contained in comics. One things their parents would appreciate is more comics for children, and especially, comics that portray girls and women in a manner appropriate for their girls to enjoy.

There's certainly a market for those kinds of comic books. Let's see who fills that gap.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dan Lopez Wins Caption Contest

Congratulations to Dan Lopez for winning best caption in our contest. Even though he was the only entry, his caption did make us laugh out loud.

Here's the caption and the picture:

"150 Twinkies, 12 Cupcakes, 2 Snowballs, 0 Shame"

Friday, November 30, 2012

Children's Party for Huntress and Power Girl This Sunday

Costume Contest Winners

We'd like to thank everyone who helped these two little girls win costume contests. Your votes helped make that possible!

To celebrate, we throwing a party for the kids, so bring your family down this Sunday, December 2 at 5 p.m. for cake and punch and good times. If you can make it, and if you have a Facebook account, please RSVP on our FB Event listing, so we can make sure we have enough cake!

Hope to see you there.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Buy Comics, Get a Twinkie, or Pay $100 on eBay for a Twinkie

Now people are getting crazy, selling boxes of Twinkies on eBay! There's even one Twinkie, listed for 30 days, with a Buy It Now price of $100. Seriously?

Ok, you can do that. Buy your $100 Twinkie.


Buy a comic book and get one Twinkie on Empire's Comics Vault

That offer is available while supplies last. We don't ship Twinkies, so this offer is only available for purchases made in the shop.

It's a great time to be a Twinkie-loving comic book enthusiast!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Eat Your First Or Last Hostess Twinkie at Empire's Comics Vault

When we hear the sad, sad news -- Hostess is going out of business and there will be no more Twinkies in the world. -- Ben ran out and bought up all the boxes of Twinkies off the shelves of our local Smart & Final. What a Twinkie-loving man!

Other customers watching him greedily grab up all the Twinkies made comments, like,
"Hedging your bets?" and "I guess you want to make sure you don't run out of Twinkies!"

Embarrassed, he offered the line, "We're throwing a party!" And, we kind of, sort of, are!

So, to mourn the loss of the Twinkie, while supplies last...

Get 1 Goodbye Twinkie With Each Comic Book Purchase at Empire's Comics Vault!

As it was, Hostess produced 500 Million Twinkies each year -- that's an average of 1,369,863 Twinkies per day.

Of course, comic book fans, Hostess aficionados, gamers, coders, hackers, those "people with the munchies," and the like will miss the other fine Hostess products, like Suzie Q, Ding Dongs, Pink Puffs, and fruity pies. That being the case, we're proud to announce a Twinkie Caption Contest!

Write A Twinkie Caption For A Chance To Win A Hostess Twinkie, Cupcake, and Ding Dong!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Monster Big 2012 Black Friday Sale Headed Your Way On November 23

Just in case you forgot about the awesomeness headed your way starting the day after Thanksgiving. Yup, lots more reason to give thanks right here:

Nov 23 (Friday) 9am-9pm

Back Issues $5 and under ONLY .50c
  • $5.01-$10 ONLY $1
  • $10.01-$15 ONLY $2
  • $15.01+ 75% OFF
Current Comics 25% OFF
Toys, Posters, Statues & Games 40% OFF
Graphic Novels 35% OFF

Nov 24 (Saturday) 11am-8pm

Back Issues $5 and under ONLY $1
  • $5.01-$10 ONLY $2
  • $10.01-$15 ONLY $3
  • $15.01+ 50% OFF
Current Comics 15% OFF
Toys, Posters, Statues & Games 30% OFF
Graphic Novels 25% OFF

Nov 25 (Sunday) 12pm-5pm

Back Issues 50% OFF
Current Comics 10% OFF
Toys, Posters, Statues & Games 20% OFF
Graphic Novels 15% OFF

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Empire's Open Vault Comic Book Reviews & Opinion

On August 23, 2011, Empire's Open Vault posted its first customer submitted blog post telling one fan's return-to-comics story.

Probably, most of you knew nothing about it. One reason might be that our store website was different from our store blog which was different from our comic book reviews and opinion blog... Oh, and the store website didn't have a link to either of the blogs.

We've Simplified Our Comic Book Blogs & Website

Now, things are easier. At one site, you can access everything you need. It is also our hope that over the next two months we'll bring our podcast over and possibly our Souvenirs blog. You can access Empire's Open Vault using the Reviews & Opinions link at the top of the page. Hope you like what you find...

What Is Empire's Open Vault?

Empire's Open Vault contains

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Two Cans For Local Comics Discount, Benefitting Senior Services Inc.

This Saturday, November 10 there will be a canned food drive at the shop. Bring in two cans (or more!) of food and you'll receive $2 off select local comics. You'll also be helping Sacramento's senior citizens.

Also, Empire's Comics Vault will match every can you bring in, can-for-can!

That matching will take place for every can that comes in between now and Saturday. Of course, if you can't come in on Saturday, you're welcome to drop off the canned food before or after Saturday.

Hope You Enjoy Our YouTube Channel - EmpiresCV.tv

We're always having fun with these videos. You can't see the "audience" but there are always one or two or three people in the shop watching the shoot. I guess you could call it our "Live Studio Audience." Here's the latest video.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ben Guest Stars on The Junior & Leo Show's Podcast

Stay tuned for details about Ben's guest appearance on the wild and wacky and informative podcast. You can check them out on Facebook or at The Junior & Leo Show website. Note: This podcast may be for mature audiences. 

Announcing Winners in the 2012 Pumpkin Carving Contest

The results are in! Five hundred and one votes were cast, in total. Wow. That's some hot competition. So, then, here are the winners, starting with 3rd place. To collect your prizes, please come in and see Ben. Congratulations to our winners, and to everyone who participated, nice job on your beautiful pumpkins! We'll do this again next year (most likely).

3rd Place Winner - 42 Votes

Carver: Kyle Lawrence

2nd Place Winner - 222 Votes

Carver: Jatin Solanki

1st Place "Sacramento's Best Pumpkin" Winner - 227 Votes

Carver: Pauline Posadas

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Vote for Your Favorite Carved Pumpkin

UPDATE: Polling broke but is fixed now. We apologize that the previous poll lost all your votes. To make up for it we're extending the voting for 24 hours, so it'll go through November 6, 2012 at 5 p.m. So, we'll announce winners on the 7th.

Look at these amazing pumpkins! Last year we only had 3 entries. This year we've doubled, haha!

Vote for the pumpkin you like best and they'll win comic books.

How To Vote

In the side bar on the right, you'll see a polling box with all the options. Please use that to place your votes. You'll see it as you scroll down the page.

Voting ends November 5, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. We'll announce winners on November 6, 2012 and all winners will be contacted via the contact information submitted with photos.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

More Carved Pumpkin Entries

The deadline to enter your pumpkin in the contest is midnight tonight! We know you'll still be awake snacking on candy, so you might as well send us your pictures.

Remember, send two pics:

1. One of you with your pumpkin and
2. One of just the pumpkin.

You could win comics.

Voting will start tomorrow so stay tuned for more information.

Complete contest rules are available.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

First Two Submissions in Pumpkin Carving Contest

Wow, these are some sweet pumpkin designs!

We're looking forward to receiving many more. Read the contest details and send us your two photos before midnight October 31 and you could win some comics.

Free Halloween Comics for Everyone

Remember to bring the kids into the shop any time on Halloween so they can pick out some free Halloween comics, and you know what? You can pick some even if you're not a kid. There are some exciting titles we're looking forward to ourselves, like Cow Boy, Spider-Man, Batman, Axe Cop, and more.

Vote For Best Pumpkin

Voting starts on November 1 on this website. Pumpkins with the most votes will win free comic books from our regular priced back issues, from 1st through 3rd place, $25, $15 and $10, respectively.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Bring the Kids on Halloween for Free Comic Books and Treats

Free2012oct_adventure_timeWe've a big bunch of free comic books to giveaway next Wednesday, so stop in, say hello, and pick up some free comics. Here's the line up, available while supplies last. There's some good stuff in there that you don't want to miss out on! See the full gallery on Posterous

2012 Pumpkin Carving Contest

Get your pumpkins ready! Carve them up. Take some pictures. Send them to us at empirescv@gmail.com, and we'll post them for the fans to vote on.
Prizes and Recognition
Winners will be the top three submissions with the most votes, and they will receive:

- Grand prize: $25 in regular priced back issues
- Second prize: $15 in regular priced back issues
- Third prize: $10 in regular priced back issues
- Everyone wins bragging rights!

Critical Information
To be counted in the contest you must submit 2 pictures with your name and phone number as follows:
  1. A picture of the carved pumpkin
  2. A picture of you with your carved pumpkin
Displayed Pumpkins and Free Comic Books
If you bring your pumpkin in to the store for display, we'll give you 3 free Halloween comics when you drop it off. By the way, those same comics will be available for everyone on Halloween, and they'll still be free.
And now for the complete rules. Yawn...

Comic Book Discount For Sacramento Students Through November 15

We're looking for some trustworthy bounty hunters to rescue our friend Jake (pictured above) from the hands of a renegade storm trooper.
Bring In Your OneCard or Student Access Card For A 20% Discount
Until we can get Jake back or November 15, 2012, arrives (sorry Jake), we're offering a 20% discount on any and every purchase made by students who show a current, valid student campus i.d. from California State University Sacramento (CSUS, aka, Sac State), or from the Los Rios Community College District, including American River College (ARC), Consumnes River College (CRC), Sacramento City College (SCC), or Folsome Lake College (FLC).
Long live Jake!

New Comic Book Savings Program Starts January 2013

Update 10/30/2012: Detailed program information and an FAQ are now available.

Every week folks come in to buy new comic books -- and they're not part of our comic book saver program. But so what, it's not like our program has been that spectacular. For the uninitiated, a comic book saver is a list of the titles you'd like held for you each week by your favorite comic shop. This ensures that you don't miss an issue due to low print rates or hot titles selling out. Of course, with those saved titles, you'll get free bags and boards to protect your books; but again, so what! After all we're already known as the store who gives free bags and boards to anyone buying titles from the shelf of current titles.

Announcing Our New and Improved Comic Book Savings Program

Special: Sign up for our new program in November or December 2012 and you'll qualify for Advanced Title Selection for Free Comic Book Day 2013 (FCBD). For more information on that, see #7 below.

Our new program gives you plenty of reasons to sign up. We've even included a link to download the new form at the bottom of this post. Ok. So. Here's 9 Reasons:
  1. Signing bonus. You'll get a 10% discount when you sign up. Use it on that purchase or your next one.
  2. There's no obligation. Signing up is free. You're never obligated to buy a title you don't want to read anymore. Also, if you try the program and it's not a perfect fit, you can go back to picking out your favorite titles on your own every week.
  3. Free comic books.  How about one free comic of your choice? Then next a free comic we think you might want to give a shot. Another month, we'll give you a coupon for one free book for a friend.
  4. Exclusive member events. Party. Eat. Drink. Be Merry (or Pippin). Meet other pop culture enthusiasts. Get first rights on invitations to events with special comic book guests.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What Is 24 Hour Comics Day?

A bunch of comic book writers, artists, and enthusiasts get together for 24 hours straight. The goal? Create your own 24 page comic book, from script to art, within 24 hours.
Comic shop ownerd and small press comic book publisher Ben C. Schwartz explains 24 Hour Comics Day.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Share Your Old Comics With Future Generations

By Kevin Winter
Today is a special post.  I will not talk about a specific series or comics.  I will not review the trends or comment on DC's new relaunch that we are well into.  Today I shall talk about what to do with your comics when you no longer have room.  Everyone will face this fact, after all, you can store only so many comics where you live.  The question becomes...

What do I do with my old comics?  
With many stores not buying comics, and very few comics worth a any money on eBay -- unless, say, we’re talking about Chew number 1 or Action Comics number 1 -- what do you do with them? Hold a yard sale and sell them for 25 cents each?

Think About Future GenerationsI would like to say that I would do something else with them.  Around the country there are several special collections of just comic books and they are looking for donors just like you that are willing to part with their comics so they can be added to the collection for a future generation of people.

Now this is not for everyone, and I stress, do your research and contact the different institutions with what you are willing to donates. Found out if they have those issues already, and whether they want your comic books.  Libraries rely on donations -- for example, the newest issue of Fantastic Four -- for the new comics, since they do not get funds to buy individual comics.

Organizations That Appreciate Old Comic Books
The biggest one in the country is Michigan State University.  MSU’s comic book collection boasts around 200,000 individual American comics,

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Review: Smallville, Season Eleven, #6

Batman goes toe to toe against Superman and stands his ground, and he does it without kryptonite. So what's his secret? You'll have to read the issue to find out.


This face off makes the whole issue. The reason is personal to Batman. Clearly, he hasn't left his emotions out of it.

Later, Lex studies the match. Who knows where this will lead.

Get Rid of Otis!

I missed a few issues, but jumped into this one for obvious reasons. There's one major flaw to be found: Otis. Otis is a mistake. Unless there's a huge plot twist involving Otis, he needs to pack his suitcases. Otherwise, at this point, he appears to be the pointless character we've already seen elsewhere. One thing is certain: The Lex Luther of Smallville would never surround himself with the likes of Otis.

Let's hope the get back to the spirit of the original Smallville television series. Let DC not fool itself, the only readers of this comic book series are the fans of that show. Don't ruin it.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Events for Sept. & Oct. @ Empire's Comics Vault

Hi, all.  The next couple months have a bunch of exciting things that we will be part of.  Here is a quick list but you can follow us on twitter and facebook for updates and announcements on anything else we add.



ECV Press @ Sac-Con

September 30th 10am-5pm

Sacramento's Scottish Rite Center 6151 H Street (Across from Sac State)

DescriptionCome on down and get your comic on! ECV Press (Empire's Comics Vault Press) will be there along with a host of other Sacramento creative talent.

ECV Press @ Alternative Press Expo (APE)

October 13th & 14th

Concourse Exhibition Center 620 7th St, San Francisco, California

Come on down and check out all of the newest independent comics before you see them in the shops. Support small press creators and stop on by to say hi to ECV Press (Empire's Comics Vault) while you are there.

Squirrel #1 Release Party

October 17th 9am-4pm

 Empire's Comics Vault 1120 Fulton Ave Suite K Sacramento, Ca 95825

The Squirrels infiltrated Legends Of Heroes And Villains Publishing And Pummbled Artist And Owners Richard Zerga And Kristi Elizabeth Zerga In An Attempt To Make Them Stop Production Of"SQUIRREL" Luckily The Bushy-Tailed Varmints Lost Interest And Left. Unfortunately The Incident Made Mr. Zerga A Bit "SQUIRRELY" And Keeps Muttering Something About Cashews. "SQUIRREL"

24 Hour Comics Day

October 20th-21st 9am-9am

 Empire's Comics Vault 1120 Fulton Ave K, Sacramento, Ca 95825

What is 24-Hour Comics Day?
24-Hour Comics Day is an event held around the world which challenges writers and artists to create a full 24-page comic in 24 consecutive hours. Thousands of artists take the 24-Hour Comics Day Challenge every year!

Come on down and join us for a grueling, yet oh so fun, 24 hours. You will meet a lot of great people and challenge yourself like you never have before. 24 hours to do 24 comic pages. What a great weekend. Ben

Monday, August 13, 2012

In Case You Mssed The Email. :)

Empire's Comics Vault

Save yourself some money by taking advantage of our last sale before Thanksgiving! Plus, join Empire's Movie Crew to see Labyrinth (Bowie!) and learn about other news from your fave comic shop!

August 18th Sale -- Last One Before Thanksgiving!
Here's a look at the savings you'll enjoy this Saturday, August 18:

  • 35% off toys and games
  • 35% off statues
  • 75% off back-issues,
  • 35% off graphic novels, collected editions and trades,
  • 50% off select hard covers,
  • 15% off everything else!

Movie Crew: Labyrinth & Lost Boys

Date: Friday, August 24
Time: Doors open at 7:00 p.m., Movie starts at 8 p.m. 
Location: The Colonial Theatre, 3522 Stockton Blvd.

Join us and you'll receive a FREE Spider-Man shirt!

Get Your Tickets Before It Sells Out. This film fest is brought to you by the Sacramento Horror Film Festival.

Read A Comic in Public Day is Tuesday, August 28

Send us a picture of yourself reading a comic in public on August 28 for a chance to win a free in-store reading session in our new in-store reading program. Email us a link or post the link or picture on our Facebook Page for your chance to win.

We'll select 3 winners based on our judgment of originality, most interesting and/or funniest from all entries received by Midnight on 8/28. Winners will be notified on August 29 via Facebook and/or email (if you sent us the link vie email). By entering, you agree to allow us to use your photo all over the place, online or in our shop. Watch for complete rules  on our website at empirescomicsvault.blogspot.com.

Later, we'll talk about your experience with Read A Comic in Public Day on a future episode of our podcast, Empire's Open Podcast.

Starting September 1
Rolly's Reading Program
Our New In-Store Reading Program

We know times are tough. We know you'd like to own every new book that comes out, but that's darn right impossible unless you're rich like Nick Cage (oh, wait, he sold his collection).

So, what do you do if you want to see what's new out there in comic book land? What do you do if you're curious about a title but don't want to risk buyin it? Then read with Rolly!

Hours of Reading for Only $7
For $7, sit down and read some comics in the store. Seven days after new books come out, we'll pick at least ten of them to add to Rolly's in-store reading program. Your reading session is good until you leave the shop. Then, next time, if you want to read more of Rolly's books, it's just $7. You never need to fill out any paperwork or sign up for anything.

Trade in Your Old Trades for Reading Credit
Also, if you have any graphic novels or trades you want to trade in for credit in the program, just bring them to Ben and if they're books he can use, he'll make you an offer (good only for reading program).

Strange Light Day One Part 11
With ECV Press back up and running we have revamed our website and Monday through Friday you can see a new webcomic set within The Continuum Universe. Come on over and check out previews of all ourbooks and read through the library of past webcomics.

Weekly Comic Book Video from EmpiresCV.tv

Empire's Comics Open Podcast

Empire's Comics Vault
1120 Fulton Ave Suite K
Sacramento, C 95825

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Good Times with Empire's Comics Vault Movie Crew

Join The Movie Crew, Get Freebies

The first Movie Crew we put together went to see Captain America. We gave out a whole bunch of Captain America comic books that night! We also had a Cap sale that week.

The Amazing Spider-Man Tees

We've seen The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man, and now we're off to see The Dark Knight Rises. And yes, there were either freebies (like Spider-Man t-shirts and posters) or movie-related store sales, sometimes a party, but always something!

We Speak Geek

Best of all, we take the time to talk about these movies, to explore what was right, what went wrong, what thrilled us, and what disappointed. Lots of time these topics are fodder for Empire's Open Podcast! We hope you'll join the Movie Crew for our next movie. Watch our blog (right here!), Facebook page, and Twitter for details.

You're going to go see these movies anyway, why not get free comic booky stuff to boot!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Movie Crew's Next Movie Is The Dark Knight Rises

We're so excited to see the new Batman movie that we're going to a midnight showing -- and better yet, we're giving a free Batman related New 52 title to everyone who goes with us! Just hit us up at the theatre and pick a comic book from the titles we have with us.

Midnight Movie Crew Details

Date: Thursday, July 19
Time: 12:01 AM
Location: UA Arden Fair 6 at 1739 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA

We highly recommend that you buy your tickets in advance at the box office or online, so that you don't get the disappointing news that it sold out.

View Arden Fair 6 in a larger map

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Comic Book Review - Smallville, Season 11, Issue 2

By RonOfTheEmpire

Welcome Back, Smallville
Smallville fans rejoiced to learn that the series would continue as a comic book. Transitioning from television to comic books is nothing new; it's been done with Buffy, Angel, Firefly, and Dollhouse, among others (and to name all of Joss Whedon's properties).
After issue one introduced us to all our favorite characters, issue two moves faster than a speeding bullet into Lex Luthor creating conflict with Superman (Yes, in this series, Clark is finally in Superman costume)! In this issue, Lex sets up a confrontation with Superman. You won't see that confrontation here. You'll have to wait for issue three, however, you'll enjoy the tension.
Smallville Issue 2 Review
The Smallville comic book is for everybody! But not really. If you didn't like the television series, there's no special reason you'll love the comic book.
Fans of the television series will be glad to be among their favorite characters and back in the Smallville universe again.
In the show, instead of lots of phone calls, if there was a chance for someone to drive somewhere to confront someone else in person, then that's what happened. It always made me laugh. A phone call would have sufficed, however for the sake of dramatic effect, the conversations always took place in person -- as if everyone had lots of time to drive around to have conversations.
So, I laughed when Ollie showed up in person to confront Lex about his latest shady endeavor.
The art works. The resemblance is decent but not dead on, and I like it that way. After all, this is the comic book, not the show.
If you pick it up, let me know what you think.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Before Watchmen: Minutemen - Issue 1 - Comic Book Review

Lots of folks are not interested in reading any of the Before Watchmen series.

The series starts with Minutemen. Even Ben, the owner of Empire's Comics Vault, didn't want to read it, but he did. And he liked it. Two of the Sacramento comic book shops fans read it also, and they recorded this 3 minute 43 second video review for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

Jacob DeSersa is the drummer of Seeker. He also hosts the geeky Pizza Party Podcast. Patrick Clarke is a permanent guest host on the Pizza Party Podcast. You'll also find Pizza Party Podcast on Facebook.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Welcome Two New Podcasts to Sacramento -- Geek Charisma and Pizza Party

If you've missed our podcast, we apologize. We're deep in the throes of preparing for Free Comic Book Day. We returning to our podcast by sharing some Lost Episodes from back in the day when we would take hours and hours to edit and enhance the audio. Now, we typically, just go with what was recorded, so you hear it right after we record.
(Incidentally, in case you missed it, Free Comic Book Day is this amazing Geek Holiday that takes place every year on the first Saturday of May. In case you hadn't heard, we turned it into a Mini-Con this year.)
We're excited to welcome Pizza Party podcast and Geek Charisma podcast to the Sacramento podcasting scene.
After the Avengers vs. X-Men party we had at Empire's Comics Vault, Jake DeSersa and Joshua Cargain, members of the Sacramento punk rock band Seeker, decided to pull the trigger on this podcast idea that they'd been kicking around. Patrick Clarke is a permanent co-host, and probably one of Sacramento's top podcast guests.
Patrick can also be heard on Sacramento's Nerd Sharks podcast and Empire's Open Podcast. On the Pizza Party podcast, you'll hear Patrick talks about indie titles in a segment of the show called "Patty's Indie Corner."

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con at Empire's Comics Vault

Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) is one of the best Geek Holidays ever! If you’ve attended our Free Comic Book Day event in the past, then you know we’ve always featured a handful of local artists who sketch for the kids. This year, however, we’ve super-powered our Free Comic Book Day so much that we’re calling it our FCBD Mini-Con.

DATE: Saturday, May 5, 2012 at 9 a.m.

Not only are we giving away more than 10,000 free comics, but we’ve also invited many of Sacramento’s most talented individuals to showcase what they do. This includes local comic book creators, artists, writers and local groups, like Supreme Pro Wrestling, SacGeeks.com, and Sac Comedy Spot.

And now, FIVE reasons this year’s FCBD Mini-Con at Empire’s Comics Vault is the best ever:

1. 42 free titles for this year’s Free Comic Book Day. Take one of each as long as you plan to read it.
2. $1 OFF Coupon for the June 3 Sac-Con
3. Firefighters (at 11 a.m.) – Bring a camera!
4. Exclusive FCBD books and more from Sacramento’s finest local talent
5. One of the best SALEs of the year:
        75% OFF their hefty inventory of back issues;
35% OFF Toys, Games, Statues, Posters;
25% OFF Graphic Novels, Wall Comics & Variants; and
50% OFF the Kid’s Comics section of comic books for the kiddies.

Check out the books in this year’s line up of more than 40 free comics: FreeComicBookDay.com.

On Saturday, May 5, Empire’s Comics Vault is hosting a FCBD Mini-Con with an amazing line-up of locals -- and they have the promo videos to prove it! Here’s who you’ll find at the Sacramento comic shop that day:

Noir Amador is a prolific Sacramento artist who will be giving out his all ages mini-comic for Free Comic Book Day.     

Cartoonist, comedian and podcast Junior Bruce will be hand to show his work and to give out his 2012 Free Comic Book Day coloring book.

Daniel Bethel and Eben Burgoon’s Eben 07 tells the tales of the spy world’s “covert custodian -- espionage janitor.” Enjoy Eben07 in print and online.

Plotless Comics is the creation of Matt Marchetti and Cory Patten. They’ve been drawing Rabbit-Walrus and Sadocat since 1992.

Jason Dube of Scattered Comics will attend along with three Scattered Comics Studios’ artists. He will also debut a Scattered Comics Sampler, courtesy of RA Comics printers, for 2012 Free Comic Book Day.

Comics writer Cameron Brewer will represent ECV Press at the Empire’s FCBD Mini-Con. Explore ECV Press’ five different comic book titles and chat with Cameron on Free Comic Book Day. Read more of his works online.

You’ll enjoy the art of Thomas Overbai of Fallen Sun Asylum. Meet Thomas and take home some of his gorgeous art.

Concept artist and 2D animator Krysten Reis will be in attendance to share her work.

Neill Brengettsey is a veteran comic book artist who has worked at Marvel, DC Comics, Image Comics, Hasbro and Scattered Comics.

At the Mini-Con, Melissa McCommon will feature her self-published comic book, “Carnation,” and accept donations to bring copies of Carnation and the love of comics to her young fans at a children’s hospital. Learn more about her web comic, Epic Chaos, and meet Melissa at Empire’s FCBD Mini-Con.

Yolante Charles of Ceephor Studios will show her gorgeous anime related art, available as prints, key chains, etc. “Yola” has also done work for Scattered Comics’s Panda Shorts.

We’re proud to have Neil Reihle for his first ever public appearance. Neil will be giving out a special Free Comic Book Day release that is currently in the works.

John Cottrell will be featuring a special Grim Law ashcan at Empire’s FCBD Mini-Con.

Mark MachMann’s recently collaborated on The Yowling Anthology of Random & Neato Stories. Signed copies will be available at the Mini-Con.

Hainanu Saulque grew up on a small reservation in Benton, CA. He spent his youth fighting off Indian folk tale monsters and defeated them all. After many adventures, he decided to follow his souls' desire and draw until the monsters try and take their revenge... Today is not that day. Enjoy more of Nu's work online at Nooligan.com.

Sacramento native Craig Glenn will showcase his artistic works. The only thing Craig loves more than comics might possibly be drawing comics.

You'll have fun with funny man and artist Mike Gray, Pencil for Hire. Mike has a wide array of experience, from animated series pitches, Flash animation, background layouts & paintings, music, sfx, voice-over, and animated e-card creation.

Website: EmpiresCV.com
Video Channel: EmpiresCV.tv
Comics Blog: EmpiresOpenVault.com

Also on Google+