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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A special announcement and a DC Relaunch Party

Every major news source has covered DC Comics' upcoming relaunch. Every hot comics blog has dissected the issue. At every turn on the internet, you'll find the same images of the known covers for the new titles.

But tell us,

Who is throwing the hottest DC Relaunch Party in town?

We are. These are exciting times and we're going to be there in full force, enjoying every minute of it.

So, quickly, some things you need to know.
  1. Anyone who buys any of the new #1s from DC's relaunch will get 10% off. Period. Yes, and you'll still get a free bags and boards for each new comic. Or...
  2. If you want to go in whole hog on all 52 new #1s, you'll enjoy what you used to pay back in the late 90s (that was the late 90s, wasn't it?). You'll get $1 off  every title when you commit to all 52 and fill out and submit our special form to us by July 23, 2011. You'll also receive an invitation to our DC Relaunch Party in September.
And just in case you missed the first appearance of this special announcement - and the episode of EmpiresCV.tv that contained it - here it is:

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