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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A special announcement and a DC Relaunch Party

Every major news source has covered DC Comics' upcoming relaunch. Every hot comics blog has dissected the issue. At every turn on the internet, you'll find the same images of the known covers for the new titles.

But tell us,

Who is throwing the hottest DC Relaunch Party in town?

We are. These are exciting times and we're going to be there in full force, enjoying every minute of it.

So, quickly, some things you need to know.
  1. Anyone who buys any of the new #1s from DC's relaunch will get 10% off. Period. Yes, and you'll still get a free bags and boards for each new comic. Or...
  2. If you want to go in whole hog on all 52 new #1s, you'll enjoy what you used to pay back in the late 90s (that was the late 90s, wasn't it?). You'll get $1 off  every title when you commit to all 52 and fill out and submit our special form to us by July 23, 2011. You'll also receive an invitation to our DC Relaunch Party in September.
And just in case you missed the first appearance of this special announcement - and the episode of EmpiresCV.tv that contained it - here it is:

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Announcing EmpiresCV.tv - Sacramento's newest comics show

We finally talked Ben into sharing his favorite titles from each week's new comic book day releases. A whopping two of us have previewed this show and really enjoy it. We think you will too. In fact, please let us know what you think in the comments.

EmpiresCV.tv will appear weekly on our Facebook page and also on our YouTube channel, or visit www.EmpiresCV.tv each week for immediate viewing.  Special thanks to one of our regular fans, Joey Janssen, for reminding us to snag the URL for the show. And now, EmpiresCV.tv...


Saturday, June 11, 2011


Saturday June 18th 1pm-3pm

Want to start a webcomic or bring your comic work to life on the web? The creators of the webcomic Eben07 will be giving a presentation on releasing a webcomic using the ComicPress system for WordPress blogs, creating an online readership, driving traffic to your work & even some tips on how you can make some extra coin! The workshop will be filled with helpful tips, resources & websites, and do's & don'ts for making & releasing your own independent comic work online!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Green Lantern movie fun at Empire's Comics Vault

We’re celebrating the release of the Green Lantern movie by giving away all kinds of cool Lantern swag -- Lantern rings, Green Lantern movie t-shirts, temporary tattoos, HeroClix, posters of Tomar-Re, Kilowog and Hal, and other cool things. We even came up with our very own Oath!
In brightest day, in blackest night,
Empire’s Comics Vault’s fun begins tonight,
Let all who play be rich and bright,
Sacramento Green Lantern fans unite!
The movie opens Friday, June 17, but the fun begins now. Unfortunately the Guardians of Swag will not release these items unless you exercise your Lantern powers! Find out below.
Alright, Poozers, there are three ways to get some cool stuff:
GL1. Get a Green Lantern movie t-shirt
Without reading it, recite any Lantern oath in our store or in a video you post to the Empire’s Comics Vault’s Facebook page. If you recite the Sapphire Lantern, Green Lantern, Blue Lantern or Yellow Lantern oath, we’ll throw in a Lantern ring of the same color.
Fine Print (GL1): Offer good through June 30, 2011, while supplies last. You may only participate in this offer one time. If you participate in this offer, you may not participate in the “Select one Lantern item” offer listed below.
GL2. Select one Lantern item
Come into the store and say, “Beware my power – Green Lantern’s light!” and you’ll get to take your pick of one item from the lanyards, tattoos, water bottles, backpacks, posters and HeroClix.
Fine Print (GL2): Offer good through June 30, 2011, while supplies last. Shirts and power rings not included. If you participated in the shirts and power ring offer, you may not participate in this offer. Of course, you may participate in the Larfleeze Contest, since it is about avarice. Hungry!
GL3. Larfleeze’s Oath of Avarice Contest
Get your greed on to receive 10 Lantern’s rings and one of everything else!
That’s right, one for each finger! Write an Orange Lantern oath and send it to us. We’ll collect them all and let Facebook members vote on the best one. The oath must be four lines long, like all the other oaths. No, you can’t have 10 more for your toes.
Two ways to submit your oath
1. If you have a Facebook account, type the oath into a Note and add Empire’s Comics Vault in the Tags section. You have to Like our Facebook Page to be able to add us in the Tags. We’d be nuts if we didn’t hope that you’ll continue as a fan of our page, but at least stick around until the costest is over, so that your entry will be counted.
2. If you DON’T have a Facebook account, email the oath to EmpiresCV [at] gmail [dot] com, ATTN: Larfleeze’s Oath of Avarice. Be sure to add your first and last name to the email, so we know who you are. By sending us your entry, you agree to have your name and oath appear on Facebook for voting purposes.
Larfleeze’s Contest Fine Print (GL3): All entries received by June 30, 2011, midnight, are eligible. Anyone with a Facebook account may vote for one or more entries, using the “Like” button. Voting starts Saturday, July 2 at 12:01 AM. Voting ends Saturday, July 9 at 5:00 PM. Shirt size to awarded is XL. Ten rings is comprised of 5 orange rings, and one each of the sapphire, blue, orange, yellow, and green rings. Complete prize list is available at the end of this post.
Other stuff you might want to know
What are the oaths?
We found a cool video on YouTube. You can watch it below, or read them online at the Green Lantern Wiki.

  • Shirts are available in sizes small to XL.
  • Lantern rings: Sapphire, blue, orange, yellow, green
  • Lanyards
  • Backpacks
  • Collapsible water bottles
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Posters: Tomar-Re, Kilowog, Hal Jordan
  • GL HeroClix